PATAPON 2: It's Pata-Pata-Pata-ON

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda // Associate Producer, SCEA writes:

"It brings me great pleasure to inform you that yesterday marked the anniversary of a very special day in Patapon history…P-DAY.

It was a year ago (plus one day) that millions of spear-wielding, music-loving, monster-fighting, stew-making, desert-crossing, drum-beating Eyeballs invaded homes across America with their hypnotic mind-altering songs. It was on that day that the skies darkened with spears and arrows; it was this day that Zigoton blood saturated the earth. Many Patapon's fell during the great battle for Earthend… and those who survived… well you know how the story ends.

So to honor this great and momentous holiday, this Day of days, we here at SCEA feel that its only fair to officially announce that the tribal drums of war have started to beat once again… the dark hour of dance-battle is upon us…

Patapon 2 is in the horizon! Oh-Yeah!"

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Parapraxis3550d ago



New features for Patapon 2 sound great as well.

DrWan3549d ago

Where they add a new trigger of mini games that is Button time press base...and then...

U can do ur patapon! lol