Console Monster: Killzone 2 Review

Overall, Killzone 2 is a gorgeous piece of gaming art, with a great story and a compelling and sometimes challenging single player campaign. It has truly raised the bar pretty high in the console FPS genre and will no doubt become a killer app for Sony's console this year. If you already have the console and you are the kind of person that likes to engulf themselves in intergalactic warfare then you cannot go wrong in picking up a copy of the game to join in with your growing library of (ok one for the road), epic, PlayStation 3 titles.

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HDDVD183578d ago

Goty 2009

no i am not pp

frayer3578d ago

On metacritic also. Lol @ the fanboys who thought the score would keep going down. Lol.

GrandTheftZamboni3578d ago

These are one of the nicest screenshots I've seen.

Bot Hitler3578d ago

These reviews are $%^&$#% pointles..
We know its a good game!! Just rub it in my face because i cant get a ps3!!!! >:#/