Guerrilla Games Introduces Maps and Tutorials for Killzone 2

Killzone 2 features eight well balanced multiplayer maps that take place in different settings around Helghan. Each map has a specific character and requires different tactics in order to be victorious. On the website, there's short tutorials that will introduce the different maps.

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Cajun Chicken3550d ago

This briefly made me think what a total KILLER MOVE it would be for this to have a map editor ala Timesplitters as future DLC. Probably isn't happening, but imagine that!

pixelsword3550d ago

My keyboard can't take much more of that.

If they had a map editor, the online would be total win.

*looks around*


Gun_Senshi3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I was playing this game online. I am impressed. Its good, really good. Usually I downplay all console FPS but this is special. I tried offline for 4 levels on Trooper then went online.

Like few minutes ago apparently they closed the server. Error 20007 :( And I was having fun online, espically mixed matches. Suddenly you're defending then you are tasked to assasinate target, after it turns to deathmatch and it keeps flowing without reloading. The Faction which most wins will win. Last match we won 3-1, though there were more then 4 rounds cannot figure how it works.

Back to offline *Sniff* need more online actino *sniff*

Anyone got questions I will answer

PS. Online has no cover system. Just turn the controls like COD and online is better then cOD :D

Edit: Not even KZ Website can be open. I guess server crashed from overflow :p

littlenuthead3550d ago

just got my copy this morning, i hope the servers r running when i get home :(

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Reshun3550d ago

My friend's PS3 ran into some problems several hours ago so now he has to pick up his reserved copy tomorrow just to stare at it..

pixelsword3550d ago

...I hope he gets it fixed very soon.