Gaming Nexus: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Interview

Gaming Nexus writes: "Puzzle Quest was a game that snuck up on us a bit at GamingNexus, well everyone except for Cyril who raved and raved about the game. The folks at D3 know they had a hit as the game was a huge success on the DS, PSP, PC, and Xbox Live. This week the team behind the game is releasing the follow-up to the game and we got a chance to talk to the producer behind the game, Marcus Savino.

Q: What do you think made Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords so popular? Were you surprised at how well the game was received?

A: D3 certainly had high hopes for Puzzle Quest: COTW. I think it's very hard to predict when something is going to really connect with audiences, but it is certainly a game worthy of the praise."

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