Rumor Killers: Killzone 3, Alan Wake at GDC, Virtual On PSN/XBLA

Killzone 3 already in development, Alan Wake to be shown at GDC 09, and Virtual On coming to PSN/XBLA?

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italianbreadman3214d ago

I definitely am excited to hear more about Alan Wake at GDC.

cain1413214d ago

I would love to hear more about Alan Wake

predator3214d ago

I think everyone would to be honest just to see what the hell the game looks like lol

Doppy3214d ago

All the rumors are welcomed. I can't wait til GDC, and the Dreamcast classics come out. Killzone 3 won't be here until 2011 at the earliest.

SirLarr3214d ago

Killzone 3, coming to your PS3 in 2014.

Viewtiful3214d ago

haven't played either yet, but I hate when hhundreds of talented people are stuck working on follow ups.

grantps33214d ago

killzone 2 would come out a lot sooner than people think. It took them so long because they made a new engine now that its done, it will come out sooner.

killzone 2 in 2011

SuperM3214d ago

So they will delay kz2 until 2011? :)

NeverforgetNES3214d ago

Alan Wakeeeeee....SWWEEEETTTT

predator3214d ago

Alan Wake at GDC would make my year lol

My Killzone 2 copy was posted today so I am not even thinking about Killzone 3 yet

cain1413214d ago

I think we can wait till people beat Killzone 2 to start wanting Killzone 3...

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