5 Best Rocket Launchers

ThatGamingSite has chosen their top five favorite rocket launchers in gaming.

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JOLLY13531d ago

The Crackdown and Halo rocket launchers.....So fun! I wish Half life didn't make my stomach churn. That rocket launcher looks awesome.

sunnygrg3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

You've got to love Resistance 2's LAARK. You can decimate multiple foes swarming an objective with the alternate fire.

Edit: although I kinda hate mentioning LAARK with people below crying over it not being on the list.

ChampIDC3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

As cool as the LAARK is, multiple small drunk missiles are nothing new. Play Rise of the Triad =)

Nothing revolutionary, but still a sweet gun. There's too many cool rocket launchers to just choose 5.

agentace3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Fallout 3s Fat man should of been on there, and who can forget the RYNO(all of them) from the R&C series thats like the single best rocket laucher of all time

MGOelite3531d ago

resistance 2 pulse cannon or laark should have been on here, the fact that you can turn 1 rocket into about 30 mini rockets is new and the pulse cannons secondary fire heat ray thing is also cool for onling pwning

Utalkin2me3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

The Laark please...........It is nothing new, its a noob launcher is what it is. And it isn't something you can use all the time, you can only get it through adrenaline in only online play.

WhittO3530d ago

didnt know we were only talking about online games, so can you use that Half life2 rocket launcher in it's online ? oh, wait....

LazyDevs3530d ago

Well he didn't say it said online only play, i think he was making a comment off when you do use it online that's the only way to get it.

fanboi hater3530d ago

the laark in rfom was 100 times better than in R2. You could stop it in midair and then fire the mini homing rockets as well as being able to guide it. why oh why did they have to change it???

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farhsa20083530d ago

this list is fail without Resistance rocket launcher

DelbertGrady3530d ago

Yes cause everything has to be about the PS3. If PS3 games aren't represented in lists it must be fail, right? Go whine somewhere else.

LeonSKennedy4Life3530d ago

Um...he probably just really likes the LAARK, like almost everyone else that's actually played the game.

farhsa20083530d ago

perhaps if you played resistance you wouldnt whine like a bi*ch, and when did i mention anything about ps3 games?

vickers5003530d ago

@Soda Popinsky

No, it's because the laark is one of the best looking rocket launchers in any game.

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marichuu3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Wait, no UT rocket launcher? I'm not a fan of the UT series, but the rocket launcher has a special place in my heart.

Bob Dole3530d ago

Bob Dole agrees, no other rocket launcher lets you fire three rockets at once in a line, spiral, or grenade-like fashon. UT3 FTW!

LazyDevs3530d ago

Thats funny, someone disagreed with you but failed to mention what other rocket launcher that does this. PS3 fanboys is truly amazing, boohoo wheres the LAARK, boohoo i am going to start a blog saying why the LAARK should be #1, boohoo and when i do all the N4G members will stick up for me boohoo.............sniff

edhe3530d ago

fudge the UT3 one, give me the UT one - 6 rockets spread/spiral or nades.

Takes about 10 seconds to load though and you can hear it for miles, still there's eomthing gratifying about a 6-rocket lockon & kill that takes out the flag carrier & all his support.

ChampIDC3530d ago

UT's launcher should definitely be on here. Quake's launcher, though...How can you not recognize the first truly 3d rocket launcher? Not only was it a first, but it was awesome to boot!

Yipee Bog3530d ago

PS3 and the PC get UT3 first?

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