Kill Zone 2 Demo Ready?

Rumor taken from a exert from next month's EGM magazine:

"We walked into Ps3 and cell development knowing what every other developer knew. Nothing! You can bet your ass we're walking out with the most technologically advanced console game on the market!

Q - When will we be able to finally play it? "

A - You'll be seeing it, rather than playing it, in early march. We've put together a surprise demo for the Psn and will be available soon.

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SimmoUK4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

This is coming from the developers thereself!

Killzone 2...

zantetsuken4155d ago

Trailer and demo. "We've put together a surprise demo for the Psn and will be available soon"

CyberSentinel4155d ago

There is NO mention of WHEN a playable "demo" will be released. The "trailer" is old news.

techie4156d ago

Hm...but blowing your own trumpet is a bit scary you think? I like games like Heavenly Sword where they've been showing footage and images where it isn't fully optimised, and so when it comes out it exceeds our expectations.

And when they say it exceeds the trailer...I bet i's like motorstorm...more happening at once etc...not actual graphics...maybe. But that would be cool...a surprise demo...not a surprise though is it...

4156d ago
SimmoUK4156d ago

Some people need to sit down and take a good look at Motorstorms final build graphics, that is one thing for sure from every single review weve seen that the graphics look insanely good...

SEAN16174156d ago

well what can i say i am a good tipster but i have to study for an @ss load of midterms now laters.