'Afro Samurai' DLC Revealed by Credit Reel - Will Span Multiple Episodes

According to the game's own credits, "Afro Samurai" will receive at least one downloadable episode in future; and today, GameCyte spoke to the man who penned its story, a Mr. Peter Saji, for some clues about the contents of a confirmed multiple episodes to come.

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GameCyteSean3534d ago

Flaws aside, I enjoyed this game enough to both reach the credits AND watch them.

WildArmed3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I didnt expect this game to be the revolutionizing type.
I took it as an action game. Although the flaws made it frustrating to play at time.
At the end of the day, i was satisfied by the game..
Maybe i'll pick up the game again in a few weeks.
Only time will tell.

As for DLC, Free DLC is always welcome. This is why i keep going back to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm bi-weekly.

But as far as paid DLC for this game goes, Imma pass.

Serjikal_Strike3533d ago

where the hell where the PS3 trophies?

I thought all the ps3 games in 09 were gonna support trophies?

I'll hang on to it just in case a patch is released later..but I'll pass on the DLC