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"We have had this game in our console for about two weeks now, and played through time and again. Although the review embargo was lifted a while back, we wanted to make sure we had enough time with the game to give the most accurate review possible. The question really, is can Killzone 2 live up to the hype generated over nearly half a decade? Well.....Find out for yourself here and now!"

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Alexious3543d ago

Great review. Having the game in my hands in few hours, can't wait.

GamerPS3603543d ago

few hours ??

still have 428 hrs for me.

jammy_703543d ago

just checked meta and thers this review 82% jusr reviewed single gay is that!!! shud not be allowed and its not the full game package!

Alexious3543d ago

I know.....Look, it's been this way for half of the reviews at the very least. It's possible that the game actually deserves more than it shows until now thanks to the multiplayer.

Maddens Raiders3543d ago

The Best Shooter You'll Play in 2009.

The consensus is in.

olivia3543d ago

now why cant ever reviewer state what he said about the graphics.i mean i have a high end sony brivia full hd tv and the graphics in the killzone 2 demo looks so close the real life at times i had to blink and rub my eyes,some time scream out loud because of the high level of excited overflowing out of my head and out of my eye' me i seen the graphics of gears 1 and 2 in hd they are pretty no doubt,and i also seen crysis on my friend high end computer, but truth be told killzone 2 on the right tv rapes gears series and top crysis even on high because of superior animation and effects.for a 400 dollar ps3 to produce these graphics in just 3 years of it's life cycle is amazing .for a full review check me out at

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GamerPS3603543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Just like I was expecting, After Golden Eye, there isn't any shooter that wowed me. Of course, Half-life and COD4 was very good indeed but KZ2 Demo wowed me.

Awesome weight in control and best atmosphere and animation. When I payed golden eye, I remember bunking couple days to play game (sick hehe). First and last bunking school for game. Well I don't have to anymore 'coz I am taking 1 whole week vacation just to play this game :D. (First and may be last taking vacation time for game).

Ichiryoka3543d ago

FLO...wing out with great reviews, this game is a day one purchase and an all day playing session. ...heh bet you guys thought I was going to say flop at first, I know I fooled some of you don't deny it.

pimp6143543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

^^............. because it's not a 10/10 game. It has major flaws in the demo. A 10/10 is a perfect game which killzone 2 is not. It's sad now days people will do anything for money.

3543d ago
SL1M DADDY3543d ago

Perhaps you should go back and read your post and then listen here...

The flaw in your post is that you are measuring a full retail game, much like the game that the reviews are written of, to a ten minute demo that was cut from an incomplete game.

Your post = FAIL

Helghast Slayer3543d ago

Yep my preorder was justified the same day i bought my ps3 (23 march 2007) lol. Can't wait for this gem to hit my palm, i'm gonna make love to the case alone. Now i don't think you wanna imagine what i will do to the disk ;)

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