MMO Weekly: February 6

Another week goes by and along comes another announcement about layoffs within the industry. The team who brought you Warhammer Online got a post-launch downsize, TGR has a special announcement regarding LOTRO, and there's a new MMO-based off of the Disney movie Cars, plus a lot more.

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SirLarr3546d ago

I always did like the Warhammer 40k universe. Hopefully it will be as good as Warhammer Online was/is.

cain1413546d ago

WoW keeps on growing... If only we could say the same for our economy...

James Abels3546d ago

in 2010 Blizzard will buy the united states.

cain1413546d ago

That's only if google doesn't buy it first...

RKRigney3546d ago

Haha yeah. The growth of WoW could be attributed to escapism from the real world, with its borderline-crashing economy.

stewie328873546d ago

I like the LOTRO idea. I've always liked it when writers do stuff like that, it's more interesting then straight news.