Blizzard Announce WoW Class Changes

After hinting recently that World of Warcraft class changes for Patch 3.1 would be revealed soon, Blizzard went and posted details for the Rogue, Priest and Shaman.

Patch 3.1 is expected to be released before the summer.

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Dorjan3360d ago

Is this to fix all the bugs the last patch caused?

Leord3360d ago

Before the SUMMER?

Jesus, I thought they were a lot quicker than that for BC? Or am I just remembering things in a golden haze of nostalgia?

Maticus3360d ago

Yup, golden haze syndrome. The first patch was 6 months after release, this would be the same.

kalos3360d ago

Guess in old age, things become not so quick :D

Wuushu3360d ago

minor stuff tbh, hoping for more... lackluster-meh.

thetamer3360d ago

Well bend me over and call me bernard

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