British Game Adverts Ruled OK

The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found that game adverts in the UK are not in contravention of its fair promotion guidelines, IncGamers report.

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syrinx3305d ago

Have a few not been wrapped on the knuckles for using the wrong platform footage in TV ads?

AndyA3305d ago

Seem to remember EA getting in trouble for using 360 footage in the Wii ad for Tiger Woods

Leord3305d ago

Is this some relatively unrelated post, possibly?

Leord3305d ago

I'm so tired of news of any sort about bashing the games industry, I *guess* this is good.

Maticus3305d ago

Don't think I've seen anything that could be thought of as even borderline to be honest... well, there was that William Shatner one for WoW..

Leord3305d ago

Lol, it wasn't that bad was it?

Gam713305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

It wasn't as good as the Mr T one.

The problem with people finding offence with adverts is that you might think its ok but someone else will complain, usually over nothing.

Take the two american rights groups that had two UK ads pulled because they found offence with them even though the ads was never or going to be shown in the us.

the asa are inconsistent with what gets pulled and what stays.