New Mass Effect PC patch coming

Chris Writes:

"Hello Mass Effect fans

We have been watching the different Mass Effect PC forum communities and gathering your feedback on issues encountered while playing Mass Effect PC. Thank you all for taking the time to provide feedback to help us make Mass Effect PC a better game.

BioWare is pleased to announce there will be a new patch for Mass Effect for the PC coming soon. This patch will be jointly developed by BioWare and Demiurge and will be available for all versions of Mass Effect PC (retail, Steam and other digital distribution sources). When we have more information on the content of the patch or when it will be available, we will let you know."

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Tykis3575d ago

A patch is nice but I want more DLC!

Blackmoon3575d ago

I'd rather just have a working game at this point.

Superted20073575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Bring on more DLC please especially free stuff but even better ME2 within the little while plz!

Also Change Log anyone!