WoW Patch Riddled With Bugs

World of Warcraft's patch 3.0.8 went live on Tuesday morning but to the disappointment of players, all of the shiny new improvements and additions have been overshadowed by dozens of new bugs.

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Leord3585d ago

First they take forever, and now we get this?!

Powertesties3585d ago

Even if you shave, they are still there.

That is Bullsh*t!

Dorjan3585d ago

So much for Blizzard polishing everything prior to release...

Leord3585d ago

Well, once in a while they don't, I'm not really mad at Blizzard per se, but if we've waited this far, we could have waited a little further and NOT had the bugs!

TheForgotten0ne3585d ago

How can you say that about a PATCH?

They do polish their games, but MMO is quite different then any other type of game. It's so much bigger.

Maticus3585d ago

There has been a lot of uproar about this o the WoW servers, hope Blizz get it sorted soon.

Leord3585d ago

Yeah, well, I'm in flames myself. Interrupting gameplay and whatnot!

PhantomMD3585d ago

This patch spent several weeks in the ptr, I am shocked at the amount of bugs.

Uncommon Calibur3585d ago

wow....these problems are minuscule compared to the stuff we have to put up with in WAR.

I understand that pvp pretty much being shut down will make people mad, but a tool tip and a wrong cool down? Granted, WAR launched recently, but we went a couple months with dozens of wrong tool tips and cool downs. Its only been this month that assaulting the forts didnt crash the entire server...

anyway, back on topic, I dont think these issues are worth complaining over really.

Maticus3585d ago

Yeah when you put it like that, WoW players still have a lot to be grateful for ^ ^

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