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Rumor Killers: Quantum Theory, Left 4 Dead, and Warhawk 2

Sony helping with Quantum Theory, Left 4 Dead on PS3, and Warhawk 2 in development (Culture, Left 4 Dead, PC, PS3, Warhawk, Warhawk 2, Xbox 360)

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MGOelite  +   2500d ago
i really hope for a warhawk 2 (its the 3rd i know) i played the PS3 one religously for about a year , probabbly the most fun ive had with a game
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FunAndGun  +   2500d ago
Hell Yes!
I also Played Warhawk religiously for at least a year, 450+ hours worth. That game was the best online fun I have ever had with a multiplayer game. The learning curve and the amount of things you could do was awesome.

I do not care if there is a single player component or not, and honestly I would prefer if they kept it multiplayer only.

Warhawk is my favorite multiplayer game this gen so far.
kid from brooklyn  +   2500d ago
I Agree
The second installment of this game should have more vehicles, weapons, maps and more massive environments. Also if it launches with a few more multiplayer modes I would be unbelievably pumped for this. The first PS3 warhawk was ridiculously good and addicting so I don't think it needs a single player campaign.
LinuxGuru  +   2500d ago
Yeah, warhawk absolutely does NOT need a single player component.

More community features, more developed clan support, of course some new maps and some new weapons and vehicles, and maybe some shiny new graphics!

I just hope they maintain the smoothness of the current release. It really is a well-refined title.
SlyGuy  +   2500d ago
Agreed 100%
Warhawk is my personal GOTG (Game of this Generation).

I can't remember having this much fun (esp with PROPER split-screen), since Timesplitters on PS2.
acedoh  +   2499d ago
Easily my most favorite online game out there. Simple yet great...
ihaten4glol  +   2500d ago
It'd be great for my PS3-owning friends to get L4D, so everyone could have a chance to play. Some games are inevitably going to be ported, though. It's a given on a few titles that you know are going to be big sellers.
NaiNaiNai  +   2500d ago
personally i would love to see L4D go to the ps3. what i would also love to see is L4D go server cross. since shadow run and i think lost planet are like the only ones, they really need to add more. even if console owners get pwned. it would still be nice.
Fishy Fingers  +   2500d ago
L4D would be great on the PS3 is valve could make use of the PSNs open structure and allow mod support (extremely unlikely).
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mastiffchild  +   2500d ago
I'm not ht n the idea myself..
EA involved in a port of a Valve game previously on 360 and PC? MMM sounds sh1t if we learn anything from the con that tOB was for PS3 owners(seriously it should have cost about £3 considering the lack of effort put in).
The PC version of L4D is several leagues better than the 360 game in any case and can you see Valve(or EA for that matter) trying hard enough with the port to make it even match the sub par 360 effort?
Mods shouldn't be a problem if they do like UT3(bit of a mess about but I've played loads of modded maps on PS3 from Lago to peoples back yards)-incidentally UT3, imo, was better on PS3 than 360 and had the KBoard/Mouse option too so IF they made the effort to make the port goodAND added the mods and a bit more to the worst SP in the history of games(TM)as well as some extras then maybe PS3 owners would have some kind of reason to get this proposed port. But they won't cos if it does get made it'll be a rushed bit of cack and ole grumpy Gabe can use it to bash PS3 again(hs favourite hobby).
cain141  +   2500d ago
Warhawk 2 is a must.
SirLarr  +   2500d ago
If they make a Warhawk 2 it NEEDS to have a single player campaign.
Fishy Fingers  +   2500d ago
I totally disagree, concentrating completely on providing a great MP experience is what made the first game so brilliant, and also helped keep the cost and size down to allow for a PSN download.
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LinuxGuru  +   2500d ago
SirLarr, you couldn't be more wrong.

Warhawk is a stellar multiplayer game that has aged like fine wine over time.

Single player, it needs not.
ud  +   2500d ago
Quantum Theory :

"Basically they are both battling it out to get to the top of this tower for their very own reasons: Sid wants to destroy the tower, while Filena wants to find her father, who I’m guessing is at the top of the tower, as fathers always are!"

mastiffchild  +   2500d ago
As a father myself these days I do indeed find myself at the top of towers at every possible opportunity si it is indeed good to see Tecmo investing some much needed realism in their otherwise sci-ti/fantasy based TPS. My daughter would also kill/maim anyone getting in her way en route to my wallet so they score 2!
heyheyhey  +   2500d ago
Warhawk 2 (or 3, depending on how you view it) with a comprehensive XP system and other additions would OWN!!!!!!!!

although how many AAA MP experiences can i have time for? there's Killzone 2, MAG, Resistance 2, COD MW2, The Agency and so on and so on
predator  +   2500d ago
Give me Warhawk 2!!
mastiffchild  +   2500d ago
Yah but don't mess too much with one of the top three online action games ever created. Pretty it up es. More variety and performance of the vehicles-yes. Huge changes in the addictive arcade meets war gameplay-certainly not but cool new modes are a must. Collection SHOULD be the best kind of match but it's he most underthought mode in the game so I pray they d something cool with it this time.
As for SP in Warhwk2-certainty after they were so far along last time. Now they know the PS better they can make it how they wanted to and more. Remember it would drag in lots more players to what's already the best community on PSN and serve as a decent tutorial as well.
I play Warhawk 2 nights a week to this day and love it to bits-the gameplay is so balanced it's almost art-whether you got a plane or a knife you can still be just as deadly if you can play a bit. It's a special game for PS3 heads and one that I feel we're rightly proud of andd Ingonito/Sony won't drop the ball on 2-not after the Socom debacle.
BTW- any american Socom heads about the place today? hows the game doing now? Oh, and thanx for all the rigorous testing you guys are doing for us brits and euros so we get the perfect game-you're all gents to a man. Or woman. I hope the problems are sying as it's my favourite online series having introduced me to it in the very first place.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2500d ago
Warhawk 2. If that ever comes out, I'll be soo happy.

It was like the Halo for the ps3. Such a fun game, so many options, so many moods.

Warhawk 2, I can only imagine, would be better.
darkpower  +   2500d ago
I think the Play.com thing about L4D gave THAT rumor some legs it would've not gotten if that listing didn't come up. I'm still skeptical about it given Valve track record, but it has the possibility now.
DNAgent  +   2500d ago
Warhawk 2? lol
I don't think there needs to be a Warhawk 2 as they can already put in DLC which gives you new skins, vehicles, weapons, maps, etc. I think they may add a single player DLC expansion since some people actually wanted a single player mode in Warhawk.
locos85  +   2500d ago
I didn't like Warhawk at all. and I thought that L4D PS3 was a 90% possibility already.
bigjclassic  +   2500d ago
360 can keep L4D but gimme Warhawk 2
I still play Warhawk, I would like bigger guns, bigger ships,
elemental effects and nukes.
yojoe26  +   2500d ago
Love me some Warhawk
Love it, love it, love it! The only thing I think they could possibly do to improve it is add a single player campaign with co-op, make the sniping a little less jerky, and maybe some improved graphics. Other than that this game was pretty close to perfect for me. All these other rumors sound good too. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they all come true.

PSN Frodo25

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