CES '09: Prototype Coming This Summer

At the end of the CES trailer it revealed something that we have been waiting for, for sometime now, but what was it? It's the release date target for the upcoming game Prototype.

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HBK6193631d ago

I take it they mean the US summer, as in June-August?(Is that right???)

Cajun Chicken3631d ago

Still too long!

I wanna cry until release date inside!

The shocking thing is, I would of finished the last year of my University course annd throw into the recession by the time this comes out!

That's freaking scary!

gamiac3630d ago

if u go to the prototype official website thing and click on the latest news thing and go to that site, it has a coutdown clock to the release date. it comes out in bout 80 days from this post, thats the first week of april. dont worry guys, it comming out sooner then the trailer says

Cajun Chicken3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Where again? What region selection? What section?

Hmm, the pre-orders for the US all say 1st April...April fools?