San anto2669d ago

This is below average coming from yahtzee

N4PS3G2669d ago

why? because he bashes Metal Gear solid 4? and your avatar picture is snake?

miniduf12669d ago

hmmmm I wonder why you think that?

Fishy Fingers2669d ago

Haha, another great Zatzee video. Never fails to give me a laugh.

belal2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

you just stfu, you are an anit ps fan so i dont expect you to know anything... mgs4 was the best game last year :)

miniduf12669d ago

maybe in your opinion but not everyone shares it. I liked the gameplay, I disagree with him on that, but the story poorly written (i.e to many plot twists)

devilhunterx2669d ago

I think he forgot about Siren on the PS3... its a horror game.

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