Left 4 Dead cheaters eliminated

An update for Left 4 Dead has eliminated any hacks that cheaters were using within the online modes. Reports came from people that people were using hacks to create giant-sized players and super-enemies along with the spawning of tanks in huge numbers in various sections of the levels.

The problem sounds much like the days of hacking on Halo 2 for the Xbox, but Valve who make Left 4 Dead has released a title update which will fix all the problems.

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Fishy Fingers3511d ago

Haxor Jim Dugan. Played many online Valve games through the years and there's never a shortage of people trying to cheat (CS:S just to be soooo bad for it) but Valve are always quick to jump on it (VAC secure PC servers).

Got to admit though, some of the haxs/cheats you see on the Source engine are pretty original and unlike any other :)

morganfell3511d ago

That is a presumptuous article. They act like they were able to eliminate EVERY hack and that just isn't true.

Tony999Montana3511d ago

There's a difference between hacks and glitches. They can eliminate every hack, because everyone who was doing them was using the same method. Glitches and exploits, however, must be solved individually and therefore cannot be completely stopped.

morganfell3511d ago

No, because that assumes they have detected every hack and when you fall under that belief you are fooling yourself. You also think everyone was using the same hack and that just isn't the case.

Tony999Montana3511d ago

Yes it is the case. I know exactly how to do it. They may be able to activate different "cheats" but the basic principle of hex editing is a constant in these hacks. If Valve block users from using edited files then they can not use the hacks. However glitches and exploits will remain.

and the "giant sized players" which they supposedly created is just what happens to the appearance of a player when they noclip outside of the 3D skybox.

iNcRiMiNaTi3511d ago

they still havent patched so many other glitches in the game tho. infected moving objects, bashing the crap out of the door in no mercy, turret glitch and other various exploits

LONEWOLF2313511d ago

Well the moving objects you have to understand that those objects are for Tank use BUT what they need to do is patch it up so that none of the other infected can move them.

And yes there are still some hacks that need to be fixed, yesterday i got attacked by a hunter in VS mode that dished out double the damage, i was practically dead in 6 swipes.

Parappa The Rappa3511d ago

Halo 2's final days were COMPLETELY un-enjoyable. I was sooooo happy when Halo 3 came out and Bungie started to pay attention to the cheaters. *shudders at the thought of playing halo 2*

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