Ars Bargain Bin Review: Fracture

Ars writes: "Oftentimes there are lesser-known titles which we may tend to gloss over in favor of more exciting games, especially around this time of the year. In this new recurring feature, we return to a game we've overlooked in recent months and evaluate it when it becomes a bargain bin title. After all, a less-than-stellar game could very well be more interesting at a lesser price. For this inaugural edition, let's look at LucasArts' Terran-modding shooter, Fracture.

With the Boxing Day sales ablaze in Canada last week, I had the chance to scoop up a copy of Fracture for $19.99 CAD.

Fracture is, in many ways, a "pulp" shooter. It seems reminiscent of a late-generation PlayStation or PlayStation 2 title. It uses some well-established technology in a novel way for what is, ultimately, a largely forgettable but nonetheless mildly enjoyable shooting experience. There's nothing terribly wrong with the title, it's just hardly a stand-out when put up against the big-name shooters that fill the shelves."

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