GameCritics Review: Helix

GameCritics: "Helix is a new music game on the Wiiware channel, and I could easily imagine the discussion: "Hey, let's make a new game like Dance Dance Revolution! Except we'll focus on moving the hands instead of the feet." For those who've never had the pleasure, Dance Dance Revolution is a music game which uses a mat peripheral and lots of techno/trance music to get a gamer physically moving. Scrolling arrows show where to put the feet on the mat; the game features abstract movies and music videos in the background.

Similarly, Helix features techno/trance music (thankfully never as airy as Ian Van Dahl) and has scrolling indicators that show when to move. However, this game is about waving and groovin' with your arms. An onscreen guide shows the movements required by the player, and at the top of the screen, "move bars" scroll across to show when to perform those moves. It's a fairly simple concept to grasp, and for a music game, that's a good thing."

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