Tech Hall: LittleBigPlanet review

In LittleBigPlanet you play as a sack person (also commonly called sack boy) who is a cute, lovable, customizable, character. LittleBigPlanet is a side scrolling, physics based, plat former, exclusive to the PS3.

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Bell Boy3485d ago

The game is short but it will take hours to unlock all the rewards....I can't get my

News flash most games can be completed in super fast time if you charge through and do the bare minimum to see the last screen.

I can assure to collect everything in this game and complete all levels without dying is going to eat big fat chunks of time and has the game is addictive it remains fun.

I've personally not seen the error glitch referred to in the review, the glitch that was the wheel of doom as been patched and so fixed and lag as been improved no end. Oh well I guess the review was written way back and only just been submitted.

This game will be played for years with the online levels getting better and better all the time and media molecule introducing gameplay changers ala metal gear pack.