Win! Valkyria Chronicles

CVG writes: "Ten copies of Sega's awesome strategy game up for grabs.
Yes, we know it's Christmas but you can always do with more games, like this one. Sega's been kind enough to pass us over ten copies of its critically acclaimed yet worryingly overlooked Japanese strategy title Valkyria Chronicles for PS3."

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TheColbertinator3639d ago

Great game.One of the best of the year and a hidden gem.Glad I picked it up day one

B-Rein3639d ago

this game aint getting the love it deserves!!!!
all i have to say is WAHAT A GREAT GAME, Awesome storyline amazing style of graphics sooo beutiful

people, RPG fans i recommend you this game 100% :D

chewy3173638d ago

eternal sonata meets advance wars

Le-mo3638d ago

You owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this rare gem if you haven't already. I'm currently on the seventh chapter, but I'm restarting my file so I can A rank all my missions. Fantastic game.

SaiyanFury3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Easily the best Japanese RPG of the year and I also got it day one. This is literally the ONLY Japanese RPG to garner consistent high reviews around the web. If you're a fan of Japanese games then you owe it to yourself to get this one. Made by the guys who created the sweet Skies of Arcadia this one should already be on your shelf.

Information Minister3638d ago

@ Le-mo - I hope you've got a really good strategy guide because I spent hours perfecting my strategy in each mission and still the best I got was a B on the hardest ones.

@ SaiyanFury - Persona 4.

meepmoopmeep3638d ago

a very great game that should NOT be missed.
good luck to anyone who entered this contest.

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Sevir043638d ago

This strategy RPG is amazing, Think Skies of Arcadia and advance wars had a baby, This is it. ^^ truelly epic. I'm addicted to it. one of the hiiden gens that sadly will be overlooked for the rest of this generation. I hope Sega makes a part 2, because i love it. it is simply amazing.

People Go get this game you really are missing out. there aren't alot of copies out for this game either so snatch yourselves on you wont regret it. it pwns disgeae 3, IU and TLR. get it

SaiyanFury3638d ago

I liked Disgaea 3, but VC is more accessible to a more general audience. Disgaea has always been something of a niche series and requires a great understanding of the series' mechanics. All I can say is that I'm loving VC more than Disgaea 3 as I still don't understand all of Disgaea 3's hidden works.

meepmoopmeep3638d ago

i'm thinking of picking up D3.
i loved FFT and Jeanne D'arc.

Baba19063638d ago

ibought it yesterday =D yay. good for me!

Gun_Senshi3638d ago

I bought this Day 1. Truly an amazing game

If you don't have it go buy it right now!!!

PS. I'm actually playing it right now lol

Enate3638d ago

This would be so nice if I could win this I'm a bit tight on cash but was able to rent it an have to take it back soon. I want to buy it so bad but sadly can't afford to right now. I've been into strategy games an epic jrps since I could remember, an his one had me so excited. Though I'm sure its gonna be hard to win as a truck load of people are gonna enter that just wanna sell the game an not really enjoy it, sigh. Well I'll at least hope I win.

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