Free downloadable town at The Sims 3 launch

Speaking to Kikizo, The Sims 3 executive producer Ben Bell has revealed that EA Maxis will release a free extra downloadable town at launch for registered users.

Here's the key snippet:

"Kikizo: I'm aware that you have 97 lots max in each neighbourhood. Is the layout randomised?

Bell: It is a set town, but you can change the location of any of the houses and you can change all of the people who are there. We're also... for anybody who registers their game, you'll be able to download a second town. That's a free perk when you register the game.

Kikizo: Will that be available at launch?

Bell: Yes."

The interview also covers the new Sims 3 community site, the emphasis on telling your own story rather than managing your Sims' bladders, and Tony Soprano.

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