Video Game Installs Anti-Piracy Software

The freshly-launched Spore video game that lets people play God has been hit with a lawsuit accusing its publisher of slipping devilish anti-piracy software onto players' machines.

The lawsuit filed this week in a federal court in Northern California contends that players weren't warned about tenacious digital rights management (DRM) software that stays in computers even if game programs are removed.

Spore publisher Electronic Arts told buyers that there are anti-piracy safeguards but didn't advise people the SecuROM program it used "is essentially a virus that installs itself without warning," the lawsuit alleges.

The DRM software attaches itself to the "command and control centers" of computers and can track activities, block certain operations and even disrupt hardware, according to the suit filed this week.

A US woman was named as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, which is seeking class action status to represent all Spore buyers.

The filing demands a jury trial and wants Electronic Arts forced to pay unspecified damages as well as turn over money it has made from Spore, which went on sale in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US this month.

Electronic Arts said it does not discuss pending litigation.

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Agent VX3495d ago

I refuse to buy this game because of its DRM. Any game that has such evasive DRM measures is a game not worth owning. I am tired of developers belly aching and using the piracy issue to install this illegal software onto ones computer.

I hope they get their arses sued big time.

Tony P3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I respect that a dev's right to eat. I respect the right to be able to protect your hard work against the actions of thieves. However, I believe it's becoming increasingly obvious that this kind of draconian protection isn't helping the overall goal if profits have to go directly into costly legal battles.

It's about time the industry sought different methods to deter piracy, imo.

Danieru sho3495d ago

EA, u want to market your games to the world(which has more non gmers than pluto!), then please respect our privacy. There is nothing wrong with making an enjoyable game...You should try it.

Bullseye3495d ago

that a subject really worthy of debate has a few comments,while compare 'this to that' posts usually attract hundreds! Why is it that Companies can use almost whatever means they like to 'track down' suspect pirates - often with incorrect results - including all manner of snooping and monitoring, but if i was to so much as scan their site for security holes i'm guilty of a crime! It should not be a condition of sale that this software must be installed ! I want absolute rights over my privacy, not conditional on what fits a particular governments agenda at the time.

Lich1203495d ago

Yeah it really is a shame the arguments for / against a console get more attention than this. Although you could head over to slashdot for people who actually care about this kind of stuff. I saw a very similar article on there with about 300 comments.

I completely agree with you though, at least in the U.S. companies seem to get away with a lot more than its citizens. Sure they're being sued but a single person could do jail time for a similar offense.

Crazywhitie3495d ago

Thats EA For you..... I hope they Pay Big

lizard812883495d ago

i thought this was know, before the spore game came out. i remember people complaining at this sometime ago. i could care less. i don't buy a new computer each year so i have no need to install spore more than 3 time(IIRC thats the limit). also if you want to do it, you have to call EA and they help you out, although you have to pay them so you an install the game again.