How to Identify an Xbox 360 with Jasper Chipset

Kris Erickson writes:

"In their bid to make the Xbox 360 quieter, less power-consuming and more reliable, Microsoft have been slowly rolling out new chipsets. The latest revision to the silicon inside the Xbox 360 is code-named "Jasper". It replaces the second generation "Falcon" chips that many credited with reducing the Red Ring of Death problem. Hopefully Jasper can eliminate this deficiency altogether."

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panasonic233376d ago

awesome going to gamestop right now

NaiNaiNai3375d ago

LMFAO my xbox 360 is weird. i checked my power brick for the heck of it and it says 203 watts. XD its a arcade system, you know the phantom boards. my doesn't match that 175 standard. and i still have no problems.

NaiNaiNai3375d ago

odd how do i get disagrees. when i state what my xbox 360 has. T_T you want a picture to show you im not lying, then ask.

bomboclaat_gamer3375d ago

hope the smaller chips can help eliminate the rrod. altho i fix them and i need business. i need ur xbox 360 to RROD lol

Elimin83375d ago

how's about how to identify one that won't get the rrod.......

iamtehpwn3375d ago

redesign the Xbox360 and call it 360 slim.

ambientFLIER3375d ago

That would make it worse by reducing the clearance between the components.

BrianC62343375d ago

No, a redesined 360 should be called 360 Fat. The problem is the case was poorly designed. The PS3 was designed to handle the heat it puts out which is why it doesn't have this problem. The 360 was most likely designed just for looks. They threw together a case and jammed the parts in. No simple redesign will fix it. A new case designed to get rid of the heat is needed.

rawd3375d ago

The new Jasper units can be identified if the SKU serial number begins


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The story is too old to be commented.