Gears of War 2 Title Update

This morning Epic has released the title update for their hit sequel Gears of War 2, check out what they've patched!

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Reibooi3397d ago

Thanks Epic. Don't fix any of the horrendous game play problems. Thanks now we can find matches faster and realize that much more that the game is broken.

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cherrypie3397d ago

Take your fantasy land trolling to the open zone.

Why havnt the mods deleted THAT trolling garbage?

Cheeseknight283397d ago

Would you prefer them releasing the entire thing a few months down the road, instead of fixing the most important issues as they show up? Or not patch it at all?

If you actually read the article, you would read:

"In order to get the update out as quickly as possible, we focused just on immediate infrastructure issues and have left any potential gameplay issues for a future update."

I think a bug that prevented people from playing campaign when live was down is a little more important than a few balancing issues.

JeanPool3397d ago

Someone call JeanPool when they fix the chainsaw. Until then, he isn't playing.

HateBoy3397d ago

Lack skills to kill chainsaw chargers? Awww, poor baby.

DiLeCtioN3397d ago

ill check it later but a few things i dont like about Gears 2 is...the dam chainsawing, its so easy to kill someone now.

i.e i did a roll from an enemy a second later it draws me back to a cutscene of me being murdered by my opponent..f'n joke man.

my second point is the matchmaking system its so unnecessary, you could sit there for five minutes looking for a game its really annoying. compared to the first Gears this game hasnt improved vastly in the online section. I really missed the unranked custom games.

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DiLeCtioN3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

you're a blind fanboy. if you check my profile i OWN ALL 3 CONSOLES which i enjoy. I have both Gear titles so please save your rant. As for the disagrees it just shows that they don't play the game online, don't own it or even played the first Gears.

jaysquared3397d ago

Definitely agree with you about the chainsawing. At first I just hated the game because of the easy chainsaw kills but now i've adopted and changed my strategies. No more roadie shotguns anymore unless you know the guy doesn't have his lancer out. One thing that pisses me off about the game are those easy grenade kills when its planted on the wall. I mean you dont even have time to blink when you set one off your dead! Host advantage is still present as well. One thing I hated about the first Gears. I know host advantage is always going to be there in games but it seems to be more of an advantage in Gears than any other games I play.

borgome3397d ago

You suck if you get chainsawed all the time, if you know how to melee or use the shotgun you wouldn't get raped by the chainsaw. Quit your whining. My gamertag is owningudotcom, I love destroying noobs like you.

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ps360s3397d ago


makes it that much better now...

Gears 2 here I come :D

Fishy Fingers3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

And not a moment to soon. The long waits were actually beginning to put me off playing it. Or at least, wait to play it.

Good news.

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