Maxed out Morrowind

PCGH maxed the graphics quality of the Oblivion predecessor The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. They ran the game with 32xS TSSAA and 32:1 AF.

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DA_SHREDDER3681d ago

One of the best rpg's of all time. I love this game.

NO_PUDding3681d ago

Me too, glad there's more like us.

Oblivion was absolute sh*t though.. So disappoitnment, spent 4 years waiting and got a piece of sh*t.

Alvadr3680d ago

Morrowind was awesome. And so is Oblivion!

Relcom3680d ago

Agreed, Morrowind was amazing. It just makes me cringe when they I think of how bad they messed up a winning formula with Oblivion.

kevnb3680d ago

there are always a few Morrowind fans who insist Oblivion is horrible though.

shovelbum3679d ago

A classic if there ever was one. I nearly got divorced over that game with the countless hours I put into it but it would have been worth it. :)

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Polluted3681d ago

Looks smexy. I don't agree at all that Oblivion was a piece of s**t. It did absolutely pale in comparison to the awesomeness that was Morrowind, but that didn't make it a bad game. Morrowind was just *that* good that almost anything looks poor in comparison.

DA_SHREDDER3681d ago

but I loved it more and more as I kept on playing it. Morrowwind is better though.

Lord Anubis3680d ago

i couldn't finished the game I bought it for the original Xbox but the darn thing kept freezing when areas would load and in the end the xbox died after a year.

MK_Red3680d ago

A game from the the time when Bethesda actually made RPGs that mattered and where great. Morrowind RULES.

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