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"Nintendo's Wii Remote is truly a marvellous thing. With it you can throw a ball, swing a bat, slash with a sword, or shoot a gun. It can even make even bland, boring games more enjoyable. Thank goodness for the Wii Remote, because it makes games like Target Toss Pro: Bags not only playable, but also fun.

The game is based on a real game popular in the American Midwest. Game play is exactly like you would imagine a hybrid of Darts, Curling, and Shuffleboard would play. The object is to throw beanbags at a ramp-like box at a varying distance. Scoring in the traditional game is unexpectedly complicated and strategic, although there is a simpler system available here as well. But essentially in each round of play you're just trying to land more beanbags on the ramp than your opponent and you get bonus points if you manage to toss your beanbag into the hole.

The game play is deceptively simple. Although the game is often derisively described as merely throwing beanbags at a target, the game can be just as intellectually rewarding as any other aim-based games. For starters, you have your choice of toss styles: 'flop', 'bounce', or 'slide', each with its own strategic uses. Sometimes you might want to bounce your bag over an opponent's bag to try to get yours into the hole without pushing his in as well. Other times you might want to slide your bag onto the ramp to intentionally ram your opponent's bag to knock it off, thus costing him his point when the score is added. One of our favourite moments in Wii gaming came when we threw a slider to knock two opposing bags off the ramp and our own into the hole all in one toss!"

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