Crytek Opens Korean Office

Crytek announced today that it has founded Crytek Ltd., a subsidiary company in Seoul. The South-Korean based office, led by gaming industry veteran Young Mok Park, started operations recently. The team will expand Crytek's business into Asian markets, starting with Crytek's engine licensing business, with a dedicated engine support team for their existing and new partners in Korea and Asia...

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TOO PAWNED3594d ago

they are on roll. Just hope EA doesnt buy them

vitz33594d ago

It's ok. Crytek and the Koreans have themselves a mutha f**kin' freeze ray.

Perjoss3594d ago

heh, isn't Crysis set on a Korean island? well its an island with lots of Korean military chaps anyway.

FantasyStar3594d ago

Ironic. The game has you killing Koreans half the time, and now this. Glorious day.

free2game3653593d ago

I think you guys forgot. Those are North Koreans. not South Koreans.