How much will game theft harm the Xbox 360?

The Microsoft Xbox 360 could be heading for disaster. Basically it has become very easy and very common to chip the console to bypass the copy protection. And most customers would rather steal games than help to pay for their development. Microsoft's only recourse is to close the Xbox Live accounts when they detect a chipped deck playing a pirated game.

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EyeShield 213652d ago

PS2 was Heavily Pirated at the time and That dint stopped it from Reaching the Number one Spot. So I doubt that This will make the X360 Suffer that much. Just look at the Sales of Gears2 and Fable2.When Gamers really want a Game they'll go and buy it.

Im off to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

GrieverSoul3652d ago

PS2 was in fact helped by the fact that it was easy to modchip!
I think that helped the console to win the war. The X360 might get it the same way. If a friend of yours as one, u normally get it too. U dont tend to buy another one since u can have some games borrowed from a friend. This helps the console sales to grow. Even if that friend has it modded u wont mod it right out the box. U buy one or two original games and if the online grabs U then u DEFINITLY wont mod your console. But the decision to made the purchase was based on the fact that one day u eventually would mod it!

Funny thing is that I always thought that piracy was inevitable. And since Xbox 1 was easy to mod so early on it actually killed it since it had a small install base. However, the GameCube was modded later on on its life cycle and it still failed! My point is that now we have a console where piracy cant touch (yet I suppose)! The PS3 is piracy proof right now and I were a developer, I think I would actually try a one time experience with an exclusive on that particular console and see how it goes. After 3 or 5 months of release, I would announce a X360 version just to make some more money. However, the avid gamer would already bought the original for its PS3.

Crazywhitie3652d ago

the PS3 has been hacked, it just cost to much to be efficient.. If they make every game Worth $60 then I would look down on Piracy, But you get games that come on now a days that are rushed out badly done not worth $20 with no return Policy.. I Still Think if you are buying Game Gamefly is the way to go...I stay away from Gamestop and GameCrazy because of the high prices and low trade in price.... Gamefly you can get the send sent to you on the day it comes out and buy it for $10 off.. Can't beat it

hay3651d ago

It all depends. Dreamcast was also extremely easy to mod but died miserably and the world cried. But piracy isn't only black.

@Crazywhitie: wow, PS3 have been hacked? You gotta share with some sources cause I'm really curious how they managed to achieve that. I don't wont to do it myslef, im just technical enthusiast. PM me.

Although I really think you don't know what you're writing...

The Lazy One3651d ago

You needed a boot disc, a DVD burner, and a little stick thing.

Also, you don't just lose your live account. They can block your account, credit card, and IP address if they find your offense bad enough. Half the games you'll pirate aren't worth it considering you lose the systems best selling point.

BattleAxe3651d ago

Games cost alot more to develop these days, so I think because of that cost devs are going to be reluctant in the future to develop games for consoles with no copy protection.

Piracy may unfortunately kill the PSP, so I don't see why it wouldn't do the same for the XBOX 360. Right now Blu-Ray on the PS3 is a safe bet.

hay3651d ago

@1.4: You could hack PS2 in different ways, with swapmagic, which was pretty much popular among mere mortals but lame.
You could modchip it and run any backup without any magic keys and swap magic, which was moderately popular.
And you could hack your memcard to run evil software and then boot your backups without buying either swapmagic and chip.
Or hack memcard to run hdloader which could be capable of running backups straight from hdd which wasn't 100% compatible but loading times were a lot shorter.
So I won't agree with your first part. But PS2 hacking scene has proven a lot more possibilities. Did you knew it's capable of running divx movies or even linux os?

outlawlife3651d ago

in fairness the fact that is can run linux wasn't proven by any hacker, sony released a linux kit for the ps2, although it was extremely limited

hay3651d ago

You don't need to be a hacker to run it...

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Yi-Long3652d ago

... mediocre games will maybe fall victim to piracy, cause people wanna try them out first.

Also, when a developer is DLC scamming you, or planning to DLC scam you, I wouldnt feel bad at all about pirating their game. Take for example the new Dead Space game, which already has DLC online which totals up to more than the price of the retail-game(!)
Take for example Soul Calibur 4, which already had DLC online the very same week it was getting released.

I dont pirate console games, but stuff like that does make you think about it.

On the other hand, some developers ARE really doing a great job, making great games AND providing free support (think Burnout Paradise, or Naruto Ultimate Storm (PS3) which both have free DLC, and which makes you want to buy and support that game.

Raoh3652d ago

yeah, it doesnt hurt the gaming community. i hate microsoft, but i wouldnt turn down a cheap 360 (non arcade) to be able to download all my games for free. a few friends bought a 360 when they found out they could play games for free.

if the ps3 were hackable it's sales would rise too.

question is how developers react and treat the situation.

Yi-Long3652d ago

... as soon as a console becomes mod-able, it attracts a whole new demographic. People that normally wouldnt spend money on games or on a console, but when there is the prospect to play the games for free, they're willing to make a small investment into it, so they can play some games from time to time.

Some games are worth buying, and some games arent. Some of the games that arent worth buying, for whatever reason, might still be worth playing though... so people will download them.

If they really want to fight piracy, they need to fix the pricing, and stop abusing the DLC and start making use of the DLC as an added sellingpoint!

A new game here in Holland costs 60-70 EURO (that's around 100 US dollars). When I'm already reading articles about the developers planning to release DLC right after the release which will cost me even more, I just dont bother with buying the game. I'll buy another game instead. The game I decided to NOT buy might be a great game, but as I dont enjoy being 'scammed' or 'overcharged', I'll pass.
If I would have the ability to download that game, I would. I would still be buying games that ARE worth buying, but when they release a censored game, or overcharge a game, or are already planning to DLC scam me, I wont buy it. But I would download it!

mrdxpr23651d ago

exactly but im buying one used soo MS doesnt get my money hehehe and then im gona mod it and play pirated games.. i dont care about Live if i want to play online il just get the game for ps3 for a reasonable price and play online woot

Mr PS33652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

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TheMART3651d ago

Bots want everything for free...

That's why PSN is free?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3651d ago

'The Microsoft Xbox 360 is heading for disaster!!!' ;-D

Just get all your 'xBox 360' games on your P.C??? 99% are on P.C.
I can't see the point of owning a 'xBox 360' at all???

Sarah Palin3651d ago

Oh Ken,

You never cease to amaze me with the amount of stupid things you say.
Like for instance, 99%?
I just think you should do the right thing:
Do it soon my it soon.


Fishy Fingers3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Less than people on forums will make out.

~side note~ The quality of the "pirate" caption images are beginning to slip.