Cloud Message A Complete False Alarm

Last month, there was a picture of Cloud in a magazine with the words 'Coming Soon' underneath his name. Of course, being the wishful thinkers that we are, many thought this signalled one of three things.

Unfortunately, it was none of them.

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TheColbertinator3680d ago

Well duh.Can we stop with the FF7 remake stuff now?Even if SE is remaking it,it will be most likely for PC which would be a deal between Microsoft,SE,and Eidos or a PSP remake.I hope this "rumor" dies out soon.

mephman3680d ago

I think the PSP is most likely. Square Enix went on record a year or so ago and said they wanted to re-release every main Final Fantasy game on a hand-held console at some point.

TheColbertinator3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago ) is disrespectful to those who worked on making their games unique a decade ago.SE should make full console flagship games to regain the trust of the consumer.As far as I can tell all 3 systems including PS3,360,and Wii are getting shafted in one way or another.The handhelds as well

Wii only gets casual SE games

360 gets very large support but SE isn't giving them FFXIII Versus which is strange.

PS3 has lost exclusives from SE and some games are hanging on a thread like Star Ocean 4

DS gets the best deal because games on it are cheap to make and Japan will buy anything SE even if they remake a game and add a couple of improvements.

PSP required help from SE for so long.2009 will be better for PSP but I feel its too late

el_bandito3680d ago

There are so many games to be busy playing with for people to dig into this FFVII remake thing. It's better if it comes as a surprise.

NaiNaiNai3680d ago

reminds me of the blue-ray release. T_T which i mentioned when we saw this last time. HD-AC is like O.O OMG.

and for all the people talking how Star ocean for the 360 is going to be crap because SE is making, you are all idiots SE doesn't make the star ocean games. they publish them.

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sinncross3680d ago

Of course it was a false alarm.. why the hell would they announce the remake when they honestly have they arms fulled.. we've been told countless times that a remake will only get underway when certain members within Square have free time off their projects to work together.
It just so happens, that one of those members, Nomura, is working 3 or 4 different titles. I would love a remake, but you have more chance of seeing an announcement at TGS when Sony have their conference.

TheColbertinator3680d ago

Exactly.The SE teams are all busy on many projects and the resources take up a huge amount of time for SE to use.I don't see SE returning to consoles at all.After FFCC on the Wii,FFXIII on the PS3,and Star Ocean 4 on the 360 flop compared to handheld games profits,SE will abandon the next-gen consoles taking the Japanese market with them.

Kush_Reaper3680d ago

Think it's safe to say square have lately been the least talented dependable devs this generation. I just hope they haven't completely sold their souls. Abandoning your loyal fans in oder to compensate new ones is truelly the lowest form of scumery.

How do you release exclusives on the 360 and claim your just trying to gain more income by going multiplat. Err that's why Star Ocean(an original ps game)is eclusive to the 360 huh?

They should really STFU and deliver the games quickly because their credibilty is hanging on a short rope with many gamers.


thor3680d ago

They're also screwing us over with FFXIII by releasing so little info and giving closed-door presentations of trailers.

Furthermore, if they released a quality RPG exclusively on the PS3 it would sell loads.

I can see them having problems with PS3 development because they simply don't have the experience. That might be why FFXIII is taking so long.

coolfool3680d ago

So we know how much we have to spend to get it before we know what it is we are actually getting.......does that seem a bit backwards to anyone else?

Jotenks3680d ago

Jeez if people like FF7 so much dig it out from the closet or what not and play it again. That's what I did, Dug up 7,8, and 9 and plan to replay through them again. Seriously didn't one person from the company state once they were done with Final Fantasy XIII they would look into it? I may be wrong, but I remember them saying that because their team/staff were busy with that and starting a FF7 process now would just delay both projects anyway.

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