GameRevolution: Mirror's Edge Review

GameRevolution writes: "Are you the kind of person who enjoys punishing themselves? Do you get a thrill out of endless, endearing torture? Maybe in your spare time, you hook alligator clamps from your nipples to a car battery. If that's the kind of masochist you are than I have some good news, EA DICE has made a game just for you".

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ShinFuYux3678d ago

The Parkour gameplay is flawless, the story is interesting but...

-Fighting or melee combat is hard and frustrating
-Story is too short
-The lack of knowing how to get one spot to the other, even though the "Runners Vision" is suppose to help you. It just doesn't direct you..


For being new, intuitive, unique and entertaining.

Alcohog3678d ago

It sounds like the reviewer is angry, and they suck pretty badly at the game.