MotorStorm: Pacific Rift review @ Gameplayer

"is it better than pure?"

Gameplayer has gone live with their review of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift which released in Australia today. They put it up against the similarly themed Pure.

"But can its highly anticipated sequel achieve the same feats? Well, not really. With Pacific Rift, the initial shock of playing a dyed in the wool next-gen title has been replaced with a comfortable familiarity, that feels good, plays good, and, to a certain extent, looks good, but doesn't really have the power to expand the horizons of gaming in the same manner its predecessor did."

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InMyOpinion3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

"But the major flaw with MotorStorm Pacific Rift, and the main reason the score isn’t higher than alternative off-road racer Pure (read our review), is to do with the overall visual quality of the game. This will surprise many, since the original set an initial benchmark for the PS3, but in many ways Pacific Rift is a real visual disappointment. Texture for texture, vehicle model for vehicle model, plenty of other racers (such as aforementioned Pure and Race Driver: GRID) blow Evolution’s baby out of the water, and frame-rate judders are frequent. For a game that made its name from high end visual fidelity, MotorStorm Pacific Rift fails to meet the high expectations set by fans."

IMO Pure is more fun to play. That's why I would rate it higher. Graphics don't mean anything if the game is boring, but it's a plus if it has both.

Fishy Fingers3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Well IMO MotorStorm is more fun. In Pure I hate the single vehicle class but even more so, the ridiculous unrealistic tricks. Might be your thing, put personally they grate on me. Visually, Id also go with MS. Just play what you prefer.

InMyOpinion3658d ago

Does Motorstorm have vehicle customization(I've only tried it briefly)? I like how you can build your ATV from scratch in Pure.

Fishy Fingers3658d ago

Nah, well only basics like colour. Nothing mechanical. Must admit that is one plus point for Pure. But it's not something integral to me, from a racer I just want enjoyable racing, MS provides me with that.

Pure I enjoyed, but just the tricks really put me off. It's just not my thing, but at least I gave it a whirl before righting it off.

InMyOpinion3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I played Motorstorm: PR enough to make a judgement as to wether I like Pure better or not. It was better than the first Motorstorm (which I've played thoroughly) but the framerate slowdowns and unresponsive controls are still there.

But I'm with you on one point, they are hard to compare since Motorstorm is about multiple vehicles and all-out racing while Pure is about ATV's and has tricks, even though I think it's racing is the most integral part.

PoSTedUP3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

i guess this dude is soft and doesnt like badass brutal off road dirt racing games. motorstorm blows pure out of the water imo, pure cant even touch the first motorstorm but then again im a HARDCORE gamer not a softcore gamer and i like my racing games with some heart stopping potential. pure is too "nice" for me, its too "pretty", i need some dirt, fierce crashing and explosions and some punching thrown in the mix of my brutal racing experience. **** pure, pure is for sissys.

i haven't experienced any famerate issues, may i get your psnid jenzo? maybe have a lil chat?

@below- lol good one, i remember that. but no, a hardcore gamer likes his games to be hardcore like motorstorm, not nice and soft like pure.

technically motorstorm2 is better but it all depends on what type of gamer you are, i like knocking my opponent of his bike and making him eat the ground, ya know fun intence badass dirty brutal gameplay.....

anh_duong3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

4 player splitscreen >>>>>>> 1 player and some more

easy to come up with a game which has good graphics if only 1 player.

the motorstorm engine has to deal with 4 players split screen.

motorstorm is so much more fun. pure can't even come close in the fun factor. i suppose if you have no friends in real life then ms isn't really for you.

PopEmUp3658d ago

you really need go easy on Jenzo, you gonna make him cry =(

InMyOpinion3658d ago

No worries =) I don't take anything seriously around here.

psnDevistator3563658d ago

LOL Pathetic. Ill take motor storm any day over that game. Yes I have played both. After that I really don't see them in the same league. Pure isn't bad its just decent.

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Dragunov3658d ago

Motorstorm looks overall better thean pure. Better lightning, no bloom and more real. Pure looks like bugs bunny

SlappingOysters3658d ago

one of the best looiking racers ever.

MotorStorm is a bit 'meh' IMO

gamersday083658d ago

PURE is better then MSPR? Not in a million years buddy!

Lets's get real:
- 4 players offline VS 1 player offline
- 8 vehicles classes VS 1 vehicles class
- Unlimited strategies with 'Boost' VS 80 lame/repeat "tricks"
- 4 totally varied environments VS same environment
- 15 perfect customers reviews in 2 WEEKS VS 12 perfect reviews in 2 MONTHS (Amazon)
- Real-life dynamic lighting, interactive background objects, high level of details on water and track deformation VS bland background

So far, I've played MSPR countless times, I've never encountered any frame-rate issue mentioned above. The frame-rate is steady and smooth as butter even in 4-player splitscreen. This is only possible with CELL on PS3!

Motorstorm Pacific Rift is only possible on PS3!

ambientFLIER3658d ago

Gamersday08 - spoken like a true idiot. Pure has boost and straight up racing too, you don't have to do tricks if you don't want to. The environments are very different, and to say that the backgrounds are bland pretty much proves that you've never even seen it run. Pure looks AMAZING. The textures, effects, detail, and frame rate are all perfect.

gamersday083655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

If PURE is perfect, Motorstorm will be

Most ppl who own both agree that Motorstorm is better.

Btw, are you blind? I was comparing the 2 games. Let me repeat myself, I was comparing the games and stating the facts.

I know it's hard for you to accept this but facts are facts. Motorstorm has more features than PURE and has better replay value than PURE.

- Can you play PURE with your buddies when they go over your place? No? Shame on PURE!
- Can you play big rig in PURE? No? Shame on PURE!
- Can water in PURE cool your boost and lava make your bike catch flames? No? Shame on PURE! Yeah and you said PURE is perfect? Whatever floats your boat pal. Obviously, you're a biased fanboi who don't judge a game by it's merits.
- Does PURE has announced DLC with more vehicles, tracks, etc.? No? Shame on PURE!
- Can your bike explode in beautiful fiery trails when you exceed your boost? No? Shame on PURE!

The little details in Motorstorm (flames, waterfalls, lighting flare, water splashes, etc.) shows the developers made so much effort into the creation of the game. I'm just giving credits to wherever it's due.

PURE should be released 10 years ago for N64. Lame single player, no-challenge gameplay and limited tricks. Well, what do you expect from a poor man's Motorstorm?'re right....PURE!

Thanks much for reading. This time, pay attention to what you read before accusing others. 3fixme Dumbass!...LOL.

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andron3658d ago

I like the pure racing of MS: PR. The tricks and single vehicle class of Pure isn't my cup of tea.

Graphically they are quite different too. Pure looks very good, but a bit cartoony with all the bloom effect and so on.

Axe993658d ago

What gets me most about this is that the underlying experience in Motorstorm:PR and Pure is fundamentally different - so reviewers that suggest Pure is better are doing their readers a disservice, as if someone played the original Motorstorm and then went out and picked up Pure on the expectation of it being similar but better, they could end up very disappointed. I've only played the demos of both (and the original MS), but it's quite clear from the demos the underlying philosophy and approach of the games is different. By includinga Pure/MSPR comparison, it sounds like the reviewer is being a graphics tart rather than a 'gamer' per se.

I also think it's a bit rough how some games get rated well for improving on their past iterations, while others get rated lower because they're not revolutionary steps in the genre - ie, if the general approach to reviewing this on the web was applied to the Maddens and Fifas of the world, we'd be seeing some significantly lower scores. This is something that CoD:WAW has suffered from as well - it isn't just expected to be a better game, but to revolutionise the genre again!

Silogon3658d ago

MSPR is by far and away the better looking racer... They're saying this cause Pure has a fighters chance on the xbox 360 and it doesn't on the Ps3. MSPR is the best game I've played this year online... Warhawk excluded of course. Resistance 2 might be the better overall game, but Motorstorm PR is tons more fun to play online.

It looks incredible. It plays incredible and it controls like a dream... It takes everything MS did and ups it x's 10. I don't like MS1 by the way.

Aloren3658d ago

Pure looks better imo, i've seen both games side by side in a gaming show in Paris and Pure simply looked better, though I guess noone could pretend any of these 2 games have a significant advantage over the other one.. in the end MSPR is a great game but probably not an exclusive that makes a lot of player envious (and it's not exactly on the path to outsell MS1), actually Wipeout is a much better exclusive imo.

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