Mirror's Edge Xbox 360 and PS3 Comparison Video - 720p

See how the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Mirror's Edge compare.

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ToastyMcNibbles3661d ago

come on people squint those eyes and tell me which one is "slightly" better looking lol both versions came out great well done Dice

i am the truth3661d ago

Can we stop approving all this videos.Its getting boring now!!!!
The funny thing is if they used the ps3 cell propley they would not be need for any of this videos.....

SL1M DADDY3661d ago

They have become silly and moot. If you feel you need to do a video comparison and find small issues with one over another then you are a silly fanboy and prove it so each time you argue a console version better than the other. Get over it and move on, this video comparison idea is dead.

Bob Dole3661d ago

The atari 2600 version looks superior.

Kill Crow3661d ago

The problem with "Using the cell properly" is it takes developers longer and costs games companies more ...

The Game looks great on both systems ... I think that's good enough !!!

falviousuk3661d ago

@1.1 and theres more to having a game looking and running well than just the cell processor. its the whole system combined and how it works together. Thats why both systems are pretty identical when it comes to the games.

Just enjoy the systme you have instead of looking for some little detail to say my system is better than yours

CadDad3661d ago

The goal should be to make the games identical looking//feeling. If not you lose more sales than you could potentially get.


lsujester3661d ago

- "Using Cell properly"

You realize that Cell has nothing to do with graphics, right? The CPU is for physics, AI, hit detection, sound, etc...... NOT for graphics. That is what the RSX is for.

And don't spout crap about how Cell is uberpowerful and can help with graphics, because you obviously don't know PS3 architecture if you do.

joydestroy3661d ago

these comparison videos are for gamers like me, who own multiple consoles and wanna know which one it runs better on, so quit your complaining.

phosphor1123661d ago

Just kidding. I actually did have to squint this time (which is a first for me since I'm such a videophile). The ONLY difference I noticed was slight lighting differences, ps3 color "more" vivid (BARELY, you can tell near the end when they are side stepping, hugging the wall looking down) and better texture filtering for the ps3. The AntiAliasing looks exactly the same to me. Over all, considering I couldn't tell the difference without looking closely, Id call it a tie. DICE did a good job with this one.

Tomdc3661d ago

it was ported from ps3 to 360 so i'd expect them to be on par or ps3 slightly better.

calis3661d ago

ToastMan - Very funny. And very true. The difference between any multiplat game is not even noticeable.

Cadman - No one but loner fan boys care which game looks better. The differences - if any - are not even noticeable.

scheme_a3660d ago

Where have you been for all these years?
Cell can be used to generate geometry, and it has everything to do with graphics.

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Capt CHAOS3661d ago

Where's the slot machine where we put in the money to boost the hits and ad revenue on this one..

What was the article about again? I switched off when I saw the word 'Comparison' - AND did a rewind..

ravinshield3661d ago

cant u girls see the ps3 version is full of jaggies, thats sad lead platform and it looks like sh!t. Xbox 360 wins like always

DavidMacDougall3661d ago

Her fingers and the textures on the steel air vents look better on the 360 but heres the funny thing im still getting it on ps3 because the fear of RROD and not being able to hear the game over the 360 is to much to bare

sinny3661d ago

For me the hands are better on PS3 , in 360 it looks like it has a skin desease , apart for that the game is the same..

Sony Rep3661d ago

Don't worry, you must have looked at the wrong screen feed.

kevnb3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

while the ps3 version really needs some, but the 360 version looks less sharp overall, and seems to have some texture pop-in... conclusion, is there going to be a pc version?

Edit: three disagrees? look at it again, especially if you have a larger screen. Do you guys really not notice the need for AA in the ps3 version? Or are you guys 360 fanboys? Or maybe you weren't looking at the hd version?

thewhoopimen3661d ago

I completely agree with what you said. I give AA thumbs up to 360 and "barely" slightly better textures to the ps3. Perhaps it's the lighting in the 360 that causes the texture washout though. Anyway, a complete wash.

3661d ago
St03661d ago

It's been proven that the 360 has 2xAA while the PS3 has no AA

PS3 list:

360 list:

kevnb3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

MGS4 is 1024x768? I'm surprised there was no flame war. On a more positive note, the QAA would explain why resistance always looks so good to me, not a single jaggie to find in those games.

2 cents3661d ago

Damn glasses! I cant see no difference there! Surely my glasses are letting me down, cos all you guys can some difference there but i cant! Time has come for me to see my optician again!

joydestroy3661d ago


you won't have to worry about that anymore though come the 19th. game installs, remember?

kevnb3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Don't feel bad, I showed my wife 0aa vs 4xaa for fallout 3 on my pc, she couldn't tell any difference. Not everyone has 20/10 vision like I do.

ape0073661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I guess everyone has to give dice some damn credit

it looks amazing on both


ps3 looks a bit better,ps3 version has better colors,textures,has no pop in's and it worked much better on DS3 controller

also I notice some little cuts in framerate in 360 version,360 version have slightly better AA,

ps3 purchase indeed,not cause of this bla bla bla very small differences but because of the game come in blu-ray disk,it doesn't get scartched,also it has trophies day 1(my opinions,if you like the xbox live support more than psn or only got 360,go for it,I respect other opinions)

if you buy it on 360,no problem,it's the same exact game,you'll not lose anything,hats to you dice,will done

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Spike473661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

one version looks brighter than the other, no big difference at all.

Has anybody seen the PS3 commercial for this game? Looks incredible.

Aclay3661d ago

Yep, I've seen the PS3 commercial for Mirrors Edge a few times.

Dark_Vendetta3661d ago

The game looks awesome, and did you know that it's based on the UE3? Good job DICE, I would never have guessed the unreal engine

kevnb3661d ago

me either, the only hint was the slight texture pop-in on the 360 version.

Sevir043661d ago

a few weeks ago, when the demo was released they did a video comparison. why are we doing this again? oh yes i forget it's N4G