Ghostbusters: The Videogame coming next year

Ghostbusters: The Videogame appear in 2009.

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Mark23539d ago

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

CliffyBs15YearOldBF3539d ago

lol... got ya

who ya gonna call?

Time Lord3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Atari are publishing this game. Its out on same month as KZ2 .

SonyOwnsNextYear3539d ago

lol, i thought they cancelled this.

Sharpshell3539d ago

I can't wait. And to answer the question above:

GHOSTBUSTERS!! naaaaaaan-nan naaaaaaaan-nan

joydestroy3539d ago

@ Time Lord

how do you know that it's coming out the same month as KZ2?

ry-guy3539d ago

The alternative source that was previously listed by wotta was wrong.

If you read the wonderwall piece it mentions no where other than 2009 for a release date. Wotta decided to take it upon himself to give it a "February" release date. That was wrong.

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anubis123539d ago

i thought they canceled it also...who is publishing it

joydestroy3539d ago


this article is crap though. i don't know that language so i don't trust this.

ry-guy3539d ago

It was never canceled.

As I'm sure you know in video games you have a developer and a publisher. The developer creates the game and the publisher puts it on the shelves. In order for a game to be canceled a developer has to be forced to (for whatever reasons) stop creating and/or finishing the game before it "goes gold".

Terminal Reality was the developer and Sierra was the publisher. In Activision and Blizzard's merger Sierra was told it was no longer allowed to publish games. Then, as we are aware, it dropped a whole slew of titles from the publishing end. Terminal Reality still had a game but it needed a publisher to put it on the shelf. Atari came along and now owns the publishing rights to the game.

I hope that clears up some confusion.

Pain3539d ago

that its continuing the story where 2 left off, and that its done GOOD then it will be worth the wait for a sequel to the Ghostbuster's story.

cant wait~

ThatArtGuy3539d ago

I'll finally be able to buy the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray too, hopefully.