Home will be delayed again thanks to hackers?

PS3-Sense writes "Hackers released a zip file containing all decrypted files within PlayStation Home 0.8.6. Will this affect the release of PlayStation Home cause of security?"

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Nitrowolf23680d ago

i couldnt read the story my web will not load it properly.
Sony should ban that person, but i dont think this will cause a delay

riksweeney3680d ago

Maybe the hackers got you too?

barom3680d ago

It's not like a delay at this point would be surprising anyway. We still haven't been given an official date.

Tarasque3680d ago

Maybe not a exact date, but they said it would be released by the end of this year. So that is pretty official, beside sony probably released the pak files anywho to push it back anyways.

plstcsldgr3680d ago

This rumor is confirmed fake by the new Home Community Manager no delay.

B Man3679d ago

"Released by the end of this year" is by no means official. Even an official release date doesn't mean it is guaranteed to release that day.

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TrevorPhillips3680d ago

oh common man i cannot keep waiting this long, delay, delay and more delay

Fishy Fingers3680d ago

Chill out, this isn't in anyway official, or a delay. It's speculation at best. I see no reason this would result in a delay.

You be home within 3 weeks.

Kratos Spartan3680d ago

Why can't you wait? Do you get a promotion when Home releases? A vacation? Girlfriend? Anything? If it's affecting your life that much, your problems are bigger than a delay of an Online service.

ultimolu3680d ago

....Are you kidding me?
And this sh*t is supposed to be true? And this is a forum, A FORUM!

THWIP713680d ago

But, the PS3 is unhackable, right? :D Haha...what a joke.

DEMAN 213680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

nothing..Is "unhackable"..nothin g..that may aswell not even be an actual word

Lumbo3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

what has a packet of unpacked datafiles to do with the fact that there is still no working hack for the PS3 ?

nothing, it remains un-hacked, and thats even 2 years into its lifetime, the xbox360 managed 6 month, the wii managed 2 weeks for a concept and 6 weeks for a working hack

Fishy Fingers3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Some people really need to learn to keep their mouth shut when they obviously have zero understanding of what they're actually commenting on.

Still, the stupidity does offer a laugh.

ultimolu3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Get over yourself.
It amazes me how people *still* don't know what Home is as of today. I also love how people take this forum as gospel when there should be an official statement regarding this matter!

Lol, and unhackable.

That's not even a word!

plain rice3680d ago

The only joke is you Thwip. The more you post, the more we notice how retarded you can get.

DJ3680d ago

It just doesn't run pirated games. They've figured out how to dump the Blu-ray data onto the HDD and transfer it, but for some wierd, unknown reason they can't get that data to execute when it's either put back on another person's hard drive or burned to blu-ray.

It's been two years already, and no solution.

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SacredENA3680d ago

Your a joke. Home is an APPLICATION. Who said anything about "the PS3" being hacked?