Far Cry 2 Classes Revealed

Since Far Cry 2 was leaked a week ago more details have been revealed about the game itself here are all the classes and details about them.

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baraka0073413d ago

Im looking forward to multiplayer and making maps I just hope they balance the classes right.

pcgia3413d ago

The map editor looks saweet! It'll be very cool to see the stuff people come up with, I got it preordered, waiting for steam to let me download it =)

n4gzz3413d ago

well, where the heck are reviews ???

mt3413d ago

yup that's making me wait more for more reviews

broxigar3413d ago

Where the bloody hell is the medics? Thats one class that every class-based multiplayer NEEDS!

zagibu3412d ago

Realistic games tend to exclude medics, because, let's be honest, what can you do against bullet wounds that matters during a mission? In reality, patients of battle medics don't fight again for a LONG time, if ever.

ind13413d ago

I hope this game is as good on consoles as it will be on PC.

I remember watching like a demonstration of this game... Forgot which video... Was like 2 years ago now.. It was absolutely stunning. I loved the african environment and how everything like the weather and fires change the way they move and stuff.. awesome.

zagibu3412d ago

Well, do you have a keyboard and a mouse? Because if not, the game will never be as good on your console as it is on PC. Oh, wait, but then it will be too easy, because console FPS games difficulty settings are optimised for clunky controller input.

shovelbum3413d ago

Commando it is then. The map editor vids look amazing.