Top 10: Microsoft Franchises

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Last week, we took a deep dive through the ten best Sony franchises of all time and we continue on with this celebration with another major company with Microsoft. The most recent of the three companies to join the console market, Microsoft and its Xbox branded machines have impacted many gamers, especially on this side of the world and continue to deliver top-notch games and franchises for fans to enjoy and we will take a look at the ten best names that the company has delivered over the years."

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FallenAngel1984136d ago

Dafuq is State of Decay doing on this list when Project Gotham Racing didn’t make the cut?

darthv72134d ago

Prob because PGR got its start as Metropolis Street Racing on the DC and it isnt a MS franchise. They published it but did not own it. When Activision bought BC and then ultimately closed them down... PGR went with them. would be nice to see a new PGR game though. MS would have to talk to Activision on that one.

TheCommentator134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Technically, almost everything about PGR has been integrated into Forza Horizon at this point, even "Kudos", although I do miss the challenges (cone, passing, etc.). Even Rallisport Challenge is being incorporated into FH to a degree. Playground is on point with sim-arcade racing!

lxeasy134d ago

Yeah I think SoD is more worthy to be on the list then PGR

FallenAngel1984134d ago

“Prob because PGR got its start as Metropolis Street Racing on the DC and it isnt a MS franchise.”

Yet Minecraft got its start on PC and wasn’t a Microsoft franchise when it started. Yet after the acquisition it’s on this list. So no reason to not have PGR on this list

PiNkFaIrYbOi136d ago

Age Of Empires is a rather odd franchise to put on their since it has basically been just a pc game really even though it was on various windows os.

Tobse134d ago

It says MICROSOFT franchises, doesnt it?

Sciurus_vulgaris135d ago

Alan Wake isn't a Microsoft franchise as it is owned by Remedy.

darthv72134d ago

And 1 game does not constitute a "franchise" even though technically there was the XBLA American Nightmare game.

SegaGamer135d ago

Sorry, but that list is very bland and boring.

134d ago
Tobse134d ago

My Top 10 MS Franchises by the amount of FUN I had with each one:

10. Minecraft
9. Battletoads
8. Banjo
7. Killer Instinct
6. Gears of War
5. Forza
4. Fable
3. Freelancer
2. Age of Empires
1. Halo

gimme dat new spicy Halo and Age of Empires pleaz

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