Trust Me, You Don’t Want Cyberpunk 2077 in Third-Person

Twinfinite writes "Arguably the biggest revelation was that Cyberpunk 2077 is to be a first-person RPG, a complete departure from the third-person perspective that CDPR has forged its prestige on with the critically acclaimed Witcher series.

Shock, horror. The internet wasn’t just unamused, it was downright furious. For many, apparently, CDPR is making a ruinous mistake that has spoiled what might potentially be a new masterpiece.

Few, if any, of course, have actually seen the game in action. So I’m here to allay those concerns and tell you why Cyberpunk 2077 is better off embracing a new perspective. And, for the record, I typically prefer third-person games."

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Yukes140d ago

Given the focus on gun combat first person definitely makes more sense. I don't get the backlash at all.

PhantomS42140d ago

Self-proclaimed CDPR fans showing that they aren't really fans at all and are just part of the outraged community, never happy with anything in life and only looking for the next thing that they can be angry at.

ILostMyMind139d ago

They are showing they are fans of its games, not fans of the company itself. And this approaching is changing this.

Chaos_Order139d ago

For the record, I've never played a CDPR game before and I'm actually happy that Cyberpunk is first person as I'm a fan of Deus Ex. One of my most anticipated games as of right now.
But I can't take you seriously at all when you start accusing people of not being "true fans" because they dislike a certain type of game. You can be a fan of a series or developer and still have misgivings about a direction they take. People who played and adored The Witcher games do not owe CDPR anything. Not one thing. If they don't like the idea of Cyberpunk being first person they should be able to express as such and decide not to buy the game and it's up to CDPR to convince them otherwise. Why they should be looked down upon as "not true fans" is beyond me. If being a fan of something holds me to a particular standard that I shouldn't step outside of for fear of shame then I don't consider myself a fan of anything, ever. Not one thing on planet earth. At least then I have freedom and can actually express myself without backlash, apparently.

BiggerBoss139d ago

Do you really not understand why fans of the Witcher would be upset with an FPS game? Seriously?

nowitzki2004138d ago

True CD Projekt is one of the very few devs that I trust 100%.

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spicelicka140d ago

I don't get the "should be" argument anyway. It's a design choice, they chose to do it in first person for a reason and have been building the game up with that design choice. Saying it SHOULD BE third person means nothing because they can't just change it on the fly.

zeuanimals139d ago

Well, yeah. That's why it should be first person, because they've designed the world to work better in first person.

I don't know why they don't just offer a 3rd person mode like plenty of other games, though. 1st person is great for placing yourself into a world and for being able to interact with small objects in the world. 3rd person would just be cool to see your unique character walking the streets and doing some badass stuff.

bigmalky139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

I've been playing CDPR games since the first Witcher... No idea what the problem is, other than people wanting a scifi game in the Witcher RPG style...

Trust the dev, not the genre.

The Witcher has changed it's style over all three games and succeeded, I'm pretty sure they'll nail FPSRPG.

badz149139d ago


"Saying it SHOULD BE third person means nothing because they can't just change it on the fly."

eh...GTAV says hi

starchild139d ago

@ zeuanimals

Yeah but they chose first person perspective for their game. Should we start demanding Ghost of Tsushima or Assassin's Creed Odyssey offer first person modes? Does every game now have to offer first and third person options?

It's not always really feasible anyway. Just because some games have done it doesn't mean it would work well with every game. The tighter and more complex the gameplay is in a game the more closely tied it's going to be to its perspective.

spicelicka134d ago

@badz 149

Eh that's precisely my point. For games like GTA it's a gimmick, it's designed to be played in third person, first person mode is wonky and just there as a fun feature.

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TomatoDragon140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

You should play Vanquish, and see how third person gunplay has the ability to curbstomp first person gunplay.

Lennoxb63139d ago

Vanquish was as much about movement as it was about gun play. Bad comparison.

yeahokwhatever139d ago

3rd person shooting, while fun, isnt immersive. at all. if you're trying to put a player in a world, 3rd person shooter sucks at that. its a constant reminder that everything is just a game.

Nicknasty139d ago

Vanquish was excellent!!!!

dragon_rocks139d ago


Unless you are playing the game in VR, irrespective of the camera type, you will be continuously reminded that you are just playing a game because you will be viewing the real life objects like TV and surroundings in direct and pheriperal vision.

spicelicka132d ago

Lol what? How are we comparing two different gameplay perspectives now?

You don't wanna open that can of worms. Anyone can take any good FPS game and say the exact same thing the other way around. All major competitive multiplayer shooter games are FPS. You should play Halo.

I love both FPS and TPS games, but saying one genre "curbstomps" the other is so ignorant.

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Araragifeels 140d ago

If they going to focus on first person then might as well take off customization in the game since it will be pointless since you can't see your character unless you are in a cutscenes.

overrated44139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

And during dialog with NPCs....which is a large part of the game, I'm willing to bet you see yourself quite a bit.

joab777139d ago

I get the initial backlash, but once ya stop for a second and consider games like Bioshock, Half-life and others and imagine an open world with CDPR’s ability to tell a story with branching narrative, and mix in customization and rpg elements, and damn...FPS for the immersion win!!!

ninerguy1608139d ago

Because 3rd person will let people see their pink skirts they put on their character. So important to the gameplay. Lol

syphon32139d ago

The back lash is from butt hurt fanboys of the witcher series who think every game from CDPR should be like the witcher.. i say, allow artist to make art, allow creators to create..

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FTLmaster140d ago

The backlash seems pretty petty imho. I usually prefer my RPGs to be in first-person anyway tbh.

rpvenom140d ago

I think the main backlash is people's thought are that there will be a load of customization options thus making them want to be able to see their custom characters. You can't see that in first person.

xenz140d ago

But you can. How you ask?

1) You can see your body when you look down and are sliding.
2) You have mirrors where you can see your character.
3) There's cutscenes.
4) You'll see mods and implants on your arm.

I'm fine with how they did it.

MorpheusX139d ago (Edited 139d ago )


Bingo, & Exactly. You nailed it .

That is the "main" point of contention.

Part of the Marketing for Cyberpunk 2077 , sold it's fans on the "idea" of character customization options.

Character customization options w/o the "option of " 3rd person perspective , lessons the opportunity to interact with/see your custom character in full view.

I like 1st person view, I like 3rd person view, .....why not have an option for both?

Why does it have to be 1 or the other?

Especially considering " initially " 3rd person perspective was to be included.

Now it's not an option, it's been pulled or changed , for better for worse , whatever side of the fence you sit on....point is:

It's natural that some fans who were "looking forward" to the 3rd person perspective option, are displeased.

I include myself, I'm displeased, ..but not throwing the "baby out with the bath water.

Still looking forward to sinking my teeth into this game when it drops, hopefully in 2019.

ravenl0rd140d ago

I get it. I'm neutral at this point until I see it in action. Now, what if the Elder Scrolls 6 was announced in third person. What would people's reactions be?

attilayavuzer139d ago

Yeah but third person in ES has always been a dumpster fire.

Shiken139d ago

The only reason people are crying is because Witcher was 3rd person. Despite Cyberpunk being a totally different game, people concluded that this was CDPR's design choice for all games. Because it was not that they think, and we live in a society of entitled crybabies, people want to act like they know what the game should be better than the ones making the game.

It works the other way around as well. If CoD and Battlefield were all of a sudden exclusively 3rd person, fans would outrage. Does not mayter how much better it may or may not be.

As a rational human being however CDPR has already proven themselves in my eyes. Day one for me, I want to experience their vision. Not the vision of these so called "fans" complaining. Constructive criticism is one thing, but bashing a dev's vision just because it is a different style than you expect is just pathetic.

BiggerBoss139d ago


I get what you're saying, but if a studio like Naughty Dog said they were releasing an FPS like COD, they would be met with TONS of criticism.

The same goes for CDPR.

Shiken139d ago


But cyber punk is not a FPS like CoD, so there is not reason to complain.

What people need to realize is no one knows what the gameplay is even going to be like. They just hear FPS and when it is not exactly what they expected, they cry and moan over potentially nothing. It is sad to say the least.

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JackBNimble140d ago

Not everyone is into first person, they should have had the option for 1st or 3rd person views like so many other games out there.

Saigon140d ago

Thank You!!! Someone gets it. I am not knocking the game...I just want the option to play in FPs or TPs.

Aceman18139d ago

I actually like my RPGs in 3rd person feels smoother to me.

Kavorklestein139d ago

I ONLY play Skyrim in 1st person, Unless I feel like randomly glancing at my character while strolling around or putting on a new piece of armor etc...Otherwise I ONLY play in 1st person.

I'm fine with CDPR going for the FPS design choice. I hope they excel at telling a great story that pulls me in.

BiggerBoss139d ago

I also play Skyrim in 1st person, but CDPR games are NOT like Skyrim at all.

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Hungryalpaca140d ago

Why would I trust you? You haven’t even seen the game.

OB1Biker140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Preference you know?
There are people who don't like first person view. How good the game maybe in first person view has nothing to do with it.
Tolerate others preference please guys

Why would an option be a bad thing anyway? If you can choose the perspective why would that bother you?

Hungryalpaca140d ago


Where did I say anything negative about his preference? I asked why should I trust someone who hasn’t seen the game...

OB1Biker139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

'I asked why should I trust someone who hasn’t seen the game..'
I pretty sure you can trust me to know what i want, and I don't see why you would not trust him if he says he does want it.
Again, I can only speak for myself but I don't play FPS simple as that.

Hungryalpaca139d ago

And if you want a 3rd person game that’s being designed as a first person game of which you haven’t seen, again, why would I trust him over the developers who are designing it? My question still hasn’t been answered.

yeahright2139d ago

Because he knows what he wants more than you do.
He's not saying to trust him that we all want third person, he's saying he himself wants third person.

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ChrisW139d ago

And you only care just because a couple people got the brilliant idea to make an issue out of a non-issue topic.

yeahright2139d ago

No, he just doesn't like first person. The only reason you can't accept that is because you like CDPR so much that everything they do is infallible to you.

bluefox755140d ago

I generally prefer third person, but given CDPR's track record, I'm more than happy to give them the benefit of the doubt.

ZeroX9876139d ago

With all the great games they made, I think they know what they're doing by now. If that's how they want to do their game, so be it! I'll be supporting them for sure :D

ILostMyMind139d ago

Oh, sure, they'll make a great third person shooter. I just don't think that's what RPG fans expected.

raWfodog140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

You're all crazy. I want the game in second-person so I can just follow the main character around the game and watch what they do. Maybe give them some advice on making smart life choices.

Link2DaFutcha140d ago

Hahaha, so Detroit: Become Human? Would that be a 2nd person game? I want to explore this more.

Goldby140d ago

unforntunyl not, beause at the end of the day we are still contorllign other characters, the clsoest we have to 2nd person is stanley parable

Goldby140d ago

that actually isnt 2nd character.
2nd character perspective is the Stanley Parable experience.

the narrator is a character in the game, and they are narrating your gameplay that you do.