The winners and losers of E3 2018

There were a lot more games and companies that were at E3, but anyone paying attention should be familiar with all of these.

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agentxk150d ago

There wasn't a lot of song and dance this year, except for Sony's camp. After Xbox's silly lip services with sports car unveilings and impromptu Usher concerts being universally panned, you'd think Sony would know better.

Goldby149d ago

The difference is Usher doesn't have anything yo do with games let alone the games they showed.

Sony on the other hand use musicians that either created the music for the game in question or a musician to help create the atmosphere for it

Skull521149d ago

No one actually wins e3, it isn't a game.

timotim149d ago

Actually, that's not true. The Usher performance happened because Microsoft was promoting Dance Central at the time which featured the song he performed along with some of the moves from the game worked into his choreography. It was literally the exact same thing as using a musician to "help create the atmosphere" as you put it...

KwietStorm149d ago

So what concerts and lip service was there at PlayStation's conference? You can say you didn't like the way their presentation was put together, but there was nothing non-gaming forced into any of it. Nobody ever "loses" E3, and the only ones who win are gamers. But year after year, all the cheerleaders fall for the sensationalist media again and again, trying to crown their plastic box, as if any of it changes what you're playing.

Elda149d ago

Sony's exclusives won.

xHeavYx149d ago

I still don't understand how people say that Xbox won just because they showed a bunch of games that are also coming to PS4

The 10th Rider149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Because they also showed more Xbox exclusives than Sony showed Sony exclusives in addition to showing far more third party games and making numerous more announcements. That's facts. The only thing Sony's conference had going for it is that the exclusives they showed will probably be a bit higher quality.

Elda149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Agreed. The only exclusives MS/XBO showed were new versions of the same old tired typical & predictable 3 franchises known which was Halo,Gears & Forza,not one unique interesting AAA exclusive was shown..not one. MS conference just had bubbles & flair & a slew of multi-plats that everyone can play on their desired console/platform of choice. One thing that did get my attention & that was the acquisition of NT a developer I do like but I won't buy an XBO for.

timotim149d ago

It's not a battle of who showed the most/better exclusives...its who presented the better show...Sony did not. While you might feel that their exclusives were better than Microsoft, that's just one phase of it. Microsoft presented MORE GAMES FOR GAMERS. The fact that lots of them are 3rd party does not matter. Microsoft showed more variety and diversity. Games that were never seen before until their show. Made announcements that no one saw coming. Delighted its fan base with a new engine to one of its most popular IPs and just overall had the best SHOWing at E3. Not everything is about exclusives...crazy i know...but when we talk SHOW we mean show, not just exclusives.

sampsonon149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

didn't you know? exclusives don't count.
sony had to have multiplats to win and instead of just casually announcing a new studio/development team they should have marched them out on stage so people can go "wow!" lol

people were so hungry for something, anything from MS that all they needed to do was show updates of their AA games that are broken, show the same bloody three exclusives again and again, show mutiplats and announce that they bought companies that will most likely release a games for the next gen.


Derceto149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

It's pretty pathetic when Microsoft "buying" progress through acquistions, is considered a win. That says a lot about Microsoft's treatment of Xbox One until now.

Alucard_420149d ago

I wish Rare would go back to it's glory days, but that has not paid off at all sadly.

darthv72149d ago

It's a win because nobody (and I mean NOBODY) was expecting it. Sony buys studios left and right so it's no biggie and those studios deliver on their end of the deal but when MS said they got studios, you better believe it made everyone's ears perk up and take notice.

Especially when the narrative is MS is closing studios and canceling games and here they show they are committed to gaming by announcing new studios and that there will be another xbox console.

Goldby149d ago

My mouth dropped when they announced they aqquired Ninja Theory, everything else was either expected or not surprising

timotim149d ago

Well...Sony's best studio today is arguably ND...they came to be under the Sony/PS umbrella only because Sony acquired them haha. It's quite funny how you guys just attack sometimes without even thinking first...

Razzer149d ago

I don't understand why anyone thinks acquiring studios is a bad thing Most of Sony's studios were acquired.

Alucard_420148d ago

For some, it is more the studios that are acquired in terms of quality vs just acquiring studios for the sake of saying we got some. Out of all that MS got, it is not that exciting but good for MS for still doing something about it.

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sampsonon149d ago

xbox = no exclusives coming anytime soon.
ps = top of the line AAA games non stop for the next 2 years :)

who's losing?

Prince_TFK149d ago

I could have sworn I saw Halo Infinite, Gear 5, Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon 4, Ori, new Cuphead, and Battletoad during MS conference.

I must have been hallucinating.

ErogeMaster149d ago

Same shit different day gears, gaylo, and fartza

Prince_TFK149d ago

Yeah and Sony has never release sequels to their franchises.

Oh wait.

Artemidorus149d ago

Why does it have to be a winner? Millennials have a hard time understanding choice.

superchiller149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Totally agree. All this talk about who "won" or who "lost" is juvenile and immature.

OB1Biker149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

It gives the press something to talk about and get easy clicks.
If they were genuine they would give a lot of stats. How many people visited Sony or Ms booths, how many views these trailers get, which games got more awards, how many people play the demos , quality of the trailers etc etc
Not some BS about presentation pacing and multiplat buzz

Prince_TFK149d ago

But presentation pacing is vital to any show you know. Would you stand there with a straight face and say Sony should follow this year’s format for their future E3 conferences or would you want them to go back to the old format?

OB1Biker149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Their presentation was awful. I'm not denying it. I'm saying E3 is much more that a presentation format, pacing, padding...
Your question proves people get confused by the press and think E3 is actually just the pre E3 conference and all about form rather than content exclusive to a platform
To answer your question
The presentation pacing is only important as far as enjoying a show, (like a TV show? For entertainment sake). Of course not, they shouldn't do the same again. If you think that's what maters though, I don't know what to say except for the press got you forget to think for yourself. E3 is not an entertainment TV show

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