Metro Exodus Dev: Xbox One X Is A Beast, Game’s Native 4K Resolution Is Testament To That

However, 4A Games not currently in position to confirm 60fps yet.

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gangsta_red183d ago

This game looked incredible and really makes me want to invest in a Xbox X.

Larrysweet182d ago

Dont do it from a owner its waste of money everything x has besides 2 or 3 games u can play on ps4 or pro albeit at lower resolution sometimes that is the only diff still has what a console needs amd thats game microsoft is done with this generation e3 told us that made x to abondened for scarlett nomore exclusives after crackdown 3 till next gen....

gangsta_red182d ago

I'm not sold on Pro either especially since it isn't much different from the vanilla console. There's even less reasons to own a Pro than an X.

And from what I'm reading MS seems pretty intent on all their games being forward compatible and with their commitment to BC I believe their games for next gen will still work for the X1 family.

Since Sony doesn't care about BC or more interested in selling the same games back they'll probably abandoned their system a lot sooner than Xbox.

chrisoadamson182d ago

Ignore this Moran. If you have a large 4k tv then the X is a great investment.really looking forward to this game and can't wait to see Red Dead xbox X version

zerocarnage182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

oh stop it you fake Xbox x owner trying to put people off, that's when it does get sad when a fanboy from the opposite side claims they own that other conse to deter others from making a purchase.

The x is a fine console and there are exclusives and it certainly is the place to play third party and there are plenty that go that extra mile on the x than the pro.

plus the X will still be a great console to have in 2020 and beyond when devices are coming out that are compatable with Microsoft's games because that is there plan now to allow there gamers to play on whatever they want on what ever device they bring out which is complete different to sonys plan on bringing machines out that last for just a generation.

IRetrouk182d ago

They couldnt do bc this gen, all 4 consoles are completely diff to one another, sony did support full bc in the ps2 and 3 and even then the ps3 had to have the emotion engine from the ps2 in it just for bc, which inflated the price.... Here on out sony is using x86 or the next version of it and the same company for its inards so bc wont be an issue going forward, and historically its micro who drops consoles first, not sony, id put money on the one/s dieing before the ps4 does, micro dont even mention it anymore, all about dat x.

omegaheat182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

@Larrysweet, dude that is so pathetic of you to express your benevolence by warning others not to buy an Xbox One X. You would have been better off to not include the statement that you own the console.
As an owner of a PS4 Pro, it's a waste of money. Every multiplatform game on the Pro looks and plays better on the X albeit there's only a hundred dollar difference in pricing. You see what I did there?

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Xavi4K182d ago

Well I would go for it but I suggest you to wait for blackfridaybI beleive you can easily grab it for 400$.

I have the base model and the X and I can easily notice the different in some games such as FF XV and assian creed origins.

KionicWarlord222182d ago

DA X just keeps on delivering.

Xbox gamers get that first class seating all day son.

Razzer182d ago

lol......30 FPS is not "first class seating".

KionicWarlord222182d ago

Step off razzer. You aint welcome in these streets.

These streets are for kings.

Xbox 4K kings.

343_Guilty_Spark182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Neither is dynamic checkerboard 1234p

Razzer182d ago

"Xbox 4K kings. "

lol....ignorance is bliss I guess.

"Neither is dynamic checkerboard 1234p "

Very true. Of course, I didn't say it was.

BeardedDrachen182d ago

Hold off Razzer.. you gotta give them something to feel good about.

zerocarnage182d ago

I must admit Razzer some of those PlayStation exclusives would look beautiful on the X lol

Razzer182d ago


They would look even better on PC. Doesn't matter though. Sony first party on PS4 looks better than the vast majority of games on PC or X.

itsmebryan182d ago

If the X1X is not first class seating on a console then PS4 Pro ?

Sayai jin181d ago

Razzer, yes, I'm sure people will rush out to buy ultra overpriced GPUS and overpriced memory for PC gaming. It's way too expensive for most to get into high quality PC gaming now. I have 2 gaming rigs and all the current consoles...big house and don't want to move stuff around.

The X is the most powerful console and delivers some impressive graphics. Now if MS would have invested in quality sudios years back they would probaby have a solid game line up. They failed with that expect.

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RememberThe357182d ago

Unless you're Kratos and his son.

Pickledpepper182d ago

I own all 3 xbox, day 1 xbox, xbox s and the x. I'm happy with the upgraded x also the ps4.

notherenotthere182d ago

how about the people with the one s or better yet og xbox one.


Might be time for an upgrade...

Sunny_D182d ago

Correction, ~5 million out 40 million xbox gamers are getting "first class seating" lol.

Septic182d ago

First class is for the elites after all 😎

182d ago
King_Lothric182d ago

First class seating when Sony and Nintendo are destroying Xbox 😂.

You mean first class seating in the third place 😂

KionicWarlord222182d ago

Are we talking about Visuals and Performance like this article is talking about?

If not continue moving goalposts sir.

BiggerBoss182d ago


Yeah, because Sea of Thieves and Crackdown look better than God of War, right?😂


Larrysweet182d ago

Says one who dont even own a x or 4k hahahah

Blade92182d ago

Keep dreaming peasant. PC destroys that sad excuse for a so called true 4k console.

KionicWarlord222182d ago

PC? For metro?

How much is this pc?

Like you acting crazy with comparisons in a demanding game like metro.

Ask any pc gamer they know the highest level GPU will struggle Maxing out or hitting 60 FPS at 4K.

Razzer182d ago

“Ask any pc gamer they know the highest level GPU will struggle Maxing out or hitting 60 FPS at 4K.”

That depends on the game. I’m playing Far Cry 5 at 4K 60 without a problem, for example. Xbox One X is capped at 30. So your blanket statement isn’t true in all cases. Either way, PC gaming has better options than console for resolution and performance. Fact.

twiggytree12182d ago

"Xbox gamers get that first class seating all day son."
"Xbox 4K kings"

Yeah, tell that to 95% of the Xbox user base that only has a regular X1. I only have a X1S, guess i'm just a piece of shit to the 1X owners. At least PS4 Pro users don't look down on the rest of the user base.

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Wotbot182d ago

Loving mine, such a quite yet powerful console.

Looking forward to this game and Reddead 2

TheSplooge182d ago

It really is super quiet. Replaced my OG Xbox with one. That thing sounded like a jet even in idle 😅

UnholyLight182d ago

Interesting. I always loved my OG PS4 and now iwth the PS4 Pro now that games are getting intense graphics and such it runs in overdrive and the fan is quite loud. It's running overtime when I play BF1 and Detroit so much so that I sh*! you not when I play in my room (it's kinda small) with the door closed the temperature in my room is way warmer than the rest of the house by the time Im done, that how hot and heavy the PS4 Pro runs. Wonder if the Xbox One X blows that much heat also ?

Wotbot181d ago

No noticeable heat, looks like a well designed console

i3eyond the Circle182d ago

If you put in the work you get the results. 4A needs to be one of those developers Microsoft should look into. They've never disappointed and clearly show they are masters at their work.

KionicWarlord222182d ago

Microsoft should buy them after this releases.

DarkVoyager182d ago

I’d rather Microsoft acquire CDPR. Have Cyberpunk 2077 exclusive would be huge.