Ubisoft's Skull and Bones Delayed; Coming by March 2020

Skull and Bones by Ubisoft won't make its previously-announced release window during the current fiscal year.

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-Foxtrot212d ago

Oh well. I didn't really get any hype from this tbh, seems it was just the Naval combat in AC: Black Flags without leaving your ship.

Now if they did a Pirate RPG like what Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was supposed to be like

RpgSama212d ago

I think they saw an opportunity to really add a lot to the game when they saw that Sea of Thieves was DOA, hopefully they make it a full fledged game with a story and progression instead of only MP naval combat

VenomUK212d ago

Exactly this! A delay is normally 3 months or at most 6 months. To delay for this extended period of time means they are going back to the drawing board to make some profound changes.

I loved Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and was so happy to see that Ubisoft were making a full pirate game but the reveal for Skull & Bones showed they left out the best part - the single player campaign. Sea of Thieves is a beautiful looking game but it has been criticised for having a shallow multiplayer experience and no single player. All that work that Rare put in over many years, and there are now Xbox players who have tried it and will not return. I predicted the same fate for Skull & Bones. Hopefully now Ubisoft realise they have to make a game of substance and make a game with a full single player campaign.

TheCommentator212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

"when they saw that Sea of Thieves was DOA"

SoT hasn't even started yet (which is bad in its' own right, but another topic altogether). SoT is already a commercial success for Rare and their continued development support will grow the game over time. Even if people are bored with it now, when the first three DLC's wrap up there will be good reason to come back and see how it plays. Matter of fact, with its' DLC program SoT can adapt to anything Skull and Bones reveals before S&B even launches.

Skull and Bones is possibly delayed to get more content into the game. SoT decided not to wait to launch and add free, large scale DLC content after the launch instead (which was a mistake, IMO). The end result will be the same though; both will add more content with more time and make the game a richer experience.

TheCommentator212d ago

S&B could definitely use a story. Limited land based exploration would be cool too; maybe like 20%?

RpgSama212d ago


There are too many games for people to be waiting on them to "get better" look at what happened to Destiny 2, that thing is dead, maybe they have a really intense core audience, but that's it, very few will come back to SoT.

remixx116212d ago

@the commentator

See thats the exact problem with those kinds of games, people shouldnt have to pay 60 beans at launch then wait for the "first 3 dlcs" to finally get something for their money.

fewDankMemes212d ago

They probably delayed it to add a battle royale pirates mode

Mr Pumblechook212d ago

@TheCommentator. Your comment is less to do with talking about the story of Skull & Bones and more to do with being a cheerleader for Sea of Thieves and Microsoft. We all have our favourite consoles but this doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to step back from our own biases to analyse and criticise a topic with a balanced point of view.

sprinterboy212d ago

My thoughts exactly, plus maybe there vision for the game needs nxt gen tech to truly deliver on the vision

TheCommentator212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

@ Mr Pumblechook

I'm not the one injecting SoT into the conversation. I'm responding to someone else who did because I disagree with them. If you noticed though, I did agree with RpgSama about adding a story in lieu of MP only in my second post, which was on topic. And I criticized Rare twice in my OP (which cheerleaders don't do).

@ RpgSama

You're right about Destiny 2, and Rare could end up there if their DLC isn't compelling enough to maintain engagement. They are on thin ice at the moment, but if we're honest about things they could make it successful as well.


I agree, and I find it puzzling that Rare didn't just push the game to July, fix the bugs, and have the three DLC's included at launch. So now we wait and see if Rare can damage control and keep SoT from sinking. I believe that they will, but only time will tell.

Anyways, guys, I'd really rather talk about S&B than SoT because I've already spoken about it more than I wanted to with these rsponses.

TheCommentator212d ago

@ RpgSama

What were you thinking about when you mentioned a single player story?

rainslacker212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

If people are bored with it after a month, then that's a problem.

People grew bored with NMS after a short time, and while it still has a dedicated following, I wouldn't really call it a huge success.

This is what GaaS is though. Release a limited game, hope people stick around long enough to make money down the line. Welcome to the future.

If these publishers can't even release a game that keeps people excited or engaged until the next update comes, then why bother buying it? Why not just wait until they release the content that is exciting and engaging, and pay less in the process? Why encourage publishers to release games with the limited content model while giving them money with the hope they'll support it for the long term. Not everyone is into early access, and that's basically what we're seeing with GaaS models now. I have more respect for Destiny, because despite the criticisms, they released a solid game at launch. Destiny 2 they dropped a bit, and I don't really respect they way they're handling the ongoing support, but if people are going to accept it, then why wouldn't publishers do it.

OneLove212d ago

DOA? how could their most successful game be DOA? smh try harder.

TheCommentator211d ago

I'm glad to see that people wanted to return to the topic RpgSama brought up, which was putting a campaign in S&B, instead of dwelling on the off topic SoT remarks we both made.

Also, thanks for having such an engaging conversation with me RpgSama. Since your only reply to me was to continue to talk about SoT, at least we all know why you put it in the conversation in the first place. I'd have preferred to talk with you about S&B instead. Oh well, don't say I didn't try...

RpgSama211d ago


By Single player is something like what Ubisoft already did with AC: Black Flag, but with a heavier emphasis on the pirate world and the sea, improving/changing your ship, recruiting, increasing in rank from a nobody without a ship to a world-class pirate in a Single player story which could have at the same time MP ramifications

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naruga212d ago

i forgot that this game even existed or announced at first sight ...guaranteed

The 10th Rider212d ago

Barely anyone remembers For Honor nowadays, lol.

rainslacker212d ago

Ubisoft hasn't really pushed it that hard to date.

Pennywise138212d ago

Yeah not being able to leave the boat seemed like a terrible mistake when a game from 2013 was able to do it so well. I'm not a huge assassins creed fan but I really enjoyed Black Flag and would have loved a Pirates Creed spin off or something akin to it and I had really hoped skull and bones would have been that game. Hopefully that's what they will turn it into with this delay. I want to do some deep exploring on land but also do awesome naval combat stuff and white whale hunting.

Nyxus212d ago

Wow, another delay. That's a lot this week.

Deep-throat212d ago

Another big delay. Maybe they're adding story mode.

PizzaSteve212d ago

LOL probably was gonna be a pirate battle royal.

optimus212d ago

At this rate, with all these delays I'm guessing this e3 will be fairly mediocre for everyone.

xX-oldboy-Xx212d ago

Sony is looking to kill it again, Nintendo will do alright too.

InTheZoneAC212d ago

Lol if they made it an actual land and sea exploration game done right watch out.

212d ago
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