Marvel’s Spider-Man Takes Over LA for E3 2018

PlayStation has made it a tradition the past couple of years to cover one particular building in downtown Los Angeles with a building-sized poster of their biggest PS4 exclusives. Horizon Zero and God of War. Now it continues with Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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UCForce215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Well, Spider-Man is pretty big deal actually. It very famous for adults and kids. More importantly, Spider Man is Worldwide iconic character.

PhoenixUp215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

This game still could’ve had a better name.

I hate recycled titles

PhoenixUp215d ago

Dude seriously don’t be a smartass. There’s tons subtitles they could’ve used than just Spider-Man, which a lot of other projects already use.

- Spider-Man (1967 animated TV show)
- Spider-Man (1977 made for TV movie)
- Spider-Man (1978 live action Toei TV series)
- Spider-Man (1981 animated TV show)
- Spider-Man (1994 animated TV show)
- Spider-Man (2000 video game)
- Spider-Man (2002 theatrical movie)
- Spider-Man (2002 game based on the movie)
- Spider-Man (2017 animated TV show)

They should’ve used a new subtitle like most other Spider-Man videogames and projects in general rather just calling it Spider-Man to further make it distinct, especially if they want to turn this into a franchise. It’d be equally as annoying if the Batman: Arkham series was simply called Batman.

twiggytree12215d ago

Then don't play the damn game, Jesus Christ...

PhoenixUp215d ago

Why dafuq would I not play a game cuz of the title? 🤨

twiggytree12215d ago

"Why dafuq would I not play a game cuz of the title?"

That's my point... You're making a big fuss over the title of the of the game, when in reality, it should have ZERO affect on your enjoyment of the game. So why even focus on it at all?

trooper_215d ago

....You're putting up this much ruckus over a title?!

PhoenixUp215d ago

Cuz the title still should’ve had a better title than simply a recycled title. It would’ve made this franchise much more distinct like the Batman: Arkham series

rainslacker214d ago

Nit-pick much?

It's the first spider-man game in how many years? I think people will be fine.

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xX-oldboy-Xx215d ago

You know they like reboot Spiderman every few years, this could be the start of something big - it certainly looks that way.

Maybe the next title will get a sub heading Spiderman : xxxxxxxxxx.

jaycptza215d ago

You can call whatever you want

IAreBeMrLee215d ago

Probably cos' You're sat here bitching about the games title?

DialgaMarine215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

The whole point is it’s a start to its own unique story line. Granted, it could’ve easily had a subtitle, but this short and to the point. Kindof a minor nitpick, seeing as the game looks amazing, regardless. If you’re gonna play the game anyway, then why complain?

PhoenixUp215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

@ xx

You seriously comparing the comics to the adaptation?

@ IAre

Yeah because even last year’s new animated Spider-Man show is simply called Marvel’s Spider-Man.

@ Dial

I can’t critisize an aspect of a game just because I’m going to play it?

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XxSPIDEYxX215d ago

Huge Spider-Man fan so this is my most anticipated game...probably ever. Insomniac are honestly the perfect developers for this.

DialgaMarine215d ago

I can totally understand why Spider Man is Sony’s big poster game for E3 this year, but I still would’ve liked to see TLoU2 or DS up there.

DialgaMarine215d ago

Assuming they don’t release before next E3. I guess that’s a safe expectation, but it would be awesome to see them before lol

SolidGear3215d ago

I predict next year it'll be The Last of Us: Part II

Matrix6215d ago

After e3, wake me up when September comes.

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