13 Reasons Why E3 2018 Will Be One For The Ages

E3 2018 is coming in a little over a month and we've listed our thirteen reasons why it will be an event to remember for a long time.

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Imp0ssibl3227d ago

Please Avengers game be good!

Relientk77226d ago

I really want it to be good especially after how amazing Avengers: Infinity War was.

Really itching to play a Marvel game now, can't wait for the Spider-Man PS4 game.

getbacktogaming226d ago

I feel really oversaturated with Marvel movies but I would totally dig a good game :)

mikeslemonade225d ago

Super hero movies are lame.

And this E3 will not be good because it’s nearing the end of the generation.

indysurfn226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Yeah right real time with a MENU system which includes DEFEND? And ATTACK? Falling for the same marketing trick that Square used before the original FFVII the movies ALWAYS LOOK real time otherwise it looks boring. They have to get rid of selecting attack from a menu before I'm convinced it is real time. Not that I want it to be real time.

indysurfn226d ago

why do all these people see the final fantasy trailers and NOT remember that square would never show turn based menus in the past. But in the past the games would still come out turn based? They even called the games action adventures in the commercials. People will never learn if they don't remember.
example original commercial saying action adventure with NO menus but it came out turn based:

At least this time square is showing you menus this time what will be your excuse this time?

TheSaint225d ago

Surely it just needs to be balanced, like all things.

cell989225d ago

Infinity War was amazing I hope the game follows through

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KaiPow227d ago

I certainly hope so. Sony and MS won't have to spend time convincing to buy a new console or gimmicky accessories, they can just deliver on games that can only hope to dethrone God of War

The_Jackel226d ago

"they can just deliver on games that can only hope to dethrone God of War"

good luck to ms on that one their games have been shocking this whole gen with id say the best one being sunset overdrive

The 10th Rider226d ago

Eh, Gears of War 4 was pretty solid and Forza Horizon 3 is an all around fantastic game. All around they've definitely struggled to put out many good exclusives, but there's definitely some as good or better than Sunset Overdrive. FH3 would be their best IMO.

FinalFantasyFanatic226d ago

Good luck is right, PS exclusives set the bar stupidly high this gen, between them and Nintendo it's a uphill slog for Microsoft.

AmstradAmiga225d ago

I don't understand why PlayStation only gamers disregard to how good Forza Horizon 3 is. However, Gears 4 was average at best. Solid visuals let down by weak story and tired gameplay.

DVAcme225d ago

@AmstradAmiga Racing games will always be a niche market. No matter how fantastic a racing game is, it will not be a system seller except for a small minority. Forza IS a great game, but having only ONE great game compared to Sony's dozens upon dozens of system sellers is not much to write home about for Microsoft.

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Alexious226d ago

Cyberpunk 2077 should have a much bigger scope than God of War.

xRacer74x226d ago

I hope so GOW seems like more of a movie than a game so far to me. Kind of let down with that game. Cyberpunk I hope is Witcher with a diff setting.

ArchangelMike227d ago

It's going to be a heavyweight throw down of AAA games. Microsoft are going to have to come out swinging hard. You'll get cinematics and reveals for the usual triple threat (Halo, Gears, Forza). We're probably going to see game play of Crackdown (lets see if they mention "the cloud"); they'll also probably have some big third parties in their corner as well - probably gameplay of Anthem and Cyberpunk will debut on the Microsoft stage. Microsoft have to go all in on the games front this year.

Sony, will be on the offensive this year, they've had great E3 showings over the past couple of years, so they'll want to maintain momentum. They won't have to do much to get fan's hyped, with their line up of exclusives, however this year they will have to show gameplay of those games we've already seen trailers for - TLOU2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spiderman etc etc Hopefully live playable demo's on the show floor. They'll have to nail down release dates for games like Dreams, and they'll also have to have something special for PSVR as well, as that's beginning to stagnate somewhat.

Nintendo will do what Nintendo does best with it's exclusives, but the focus I think will be on the number of third party games that will be coming over to the Switch.

remixx116226d ago

Nintendo really needs to focus om getting gamers interested in their psid online service thst launches this year.

Smash bros and the rumored GCN virtual console are great ways to start, if they drop a couple more exclusives and some bayo 3 gameplay theyll be golden.

Sony just needs to show gameplay of its heavy hitters like you said and maybe drop one new exclusive and sony will be golden.

Microsoft...has alot of work to do, their services are great but their upfront weaponry is light, underwelming or predictable. Its either their low on games to show, using sly marketing tactics like video launch live xbox exclusive or something like that, poor presentations of games like crackdown or scalebound and the usual suspect of halo, gears, forza, fable.

They gotta do absolute work this e3

ClanPsi1225d ago

I'd really like a way to finally play Skyward Sword.

TocaCannaBowl225d ago

cyberpunk on ms side ? lol why would they want to advertise that game for a system that's barely selling any consoles.

PhoenixUp226d ago

People say that about every upcoming E3 conference

SegaGamer226d ago

To be fair, the last few years have been quite eventful. Last years was a bit meh for me though.

I don't know how they could possibly top 2015.

Septic226d ago

Last year's E3 was poor throughout on all fronts

The 10th Rider226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

I've been saying this for a long time, but 2015 isn't nearly as great as people say it was. The big thing about it was the trifecta of Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian, and the Final Fantasy 7 remake. The Last Guardian was good, but it wasn't quite what most people were hoping for after so many years. Shenmue 3 still has another six to eighteen months before release, even though it has already been almost three years. The Final Fantasy 7 remake was reported to have started over last year and it could be another three to five years before it is out.

On Nintendo's side their showing sucked. Microsoft's wasn't anything special. Overall I'd say the show was underwealming.

Segata226d ago

I only got excited for 1 game in 2015. Shenmue III and that won't be out til next year.

PhoenixUp226d ago

It’s easy to look behind and say how you feel about past E3s because hindsight is 20-20. But every time a new upcoming E3 approaches some outlets always hype it up as it’ll be the best one.

wonderfulmonkeyman226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Nintendo's Smash reveal and the tournaments for it and Splatoon are going to be the highlights, obviously.
I know quite a few people who aren't even into Smash that are looking forward to all the info and intensity that'll come out of that.
Maybe we'll even see some big names that don't play Smash as much anymore come out of their pseudo-retirements to give it a go. It'll be cool to see how they "f-air" in the new game.^_-

Also, Treehouse Live being there for the live presence, in lieu of a short stage show that could [and has, in the past] go horribly wrong, will be a great pairing for the details of things after their Direct announcements, as always. [I don't know why people keep ignoring Treehouse when they say Nintendo's "Not at E3 anymore". That's LIVE ON-THE-SHOW-FLOOR CONTENT.]

If they were doing another Nintendo World Championships special then that would be even better, but that'd be too much to squeeze into just 3 days.XD

I don't expect anything strange or gimmicky now that they've already unveiled Labo, so this E3 should be all about Switch announcements for them. They've gotta keep pushing hard to make sure the momentum doesn't fall much.

remixx116226d ago

F-air haha i get it.

But seriously i loved smash 4, if they just port it over to switch, change a few system slightly (rage), rework clones (please ganon needs to be ganon, not angry falcon and please whatever you do do something about lucina jeez), balance some characters mostly bayo and to a degree cloud and add in a couple new characters and modes and it'll be golden for me.

DarXyde225d ago

I think Metroid Prime 4's official reveal would outshine Smash's.

But that aside, as much as I love Smash, I'm far more interested in seeing some more of Death Stranding (assuming that's really happening). That, and From Software's game that was teased at the VGA last year.