Pokémon Switch Generation 8 Starter Pokémon Reportedly Leaked

Nintendo has confirmed that they will release a Pokemon game for the Switch however they haven't shared a release date for it yet. Recently, a leak has appeared on 4chan which showcases the 3 new starter Pokemon for Generation 8, which are intended to be for the Nintendo Swtich.

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slate91295d ago

Missed opportunity imo if they don't do a 3d first gen game.

-Foxtrot295d ago

They wouldn’t do that...they can’t

The first Pokemon game on a console, with more power and better tech that they’ve had before and they’d just make what you’d expect to see on the 3DS...I won’t believe they are that stupid

Even the two version bullshit shouldn’t happen anymore. Should stick to the one complete version and use the online to their advantage for events and trading Pokemon

slate91294d ago

I'm completely biased of course. Being around 7 years old when red/blue first came to U.S. It would be a millennial's dream for them to re-do those for the first time on console. But my opinion is I still think people would flock to a first gen game vs a new gen of pokemon.
If you make it the first gen pokemon you get the younger + older audience. If you are making new pokemon, I can only see you securing the younger since nintendo won't have nostalgia on their side.

Zeref294d ago

If everyone has all the Pokémon then why would you ever trade Pokémon, when you can just catch them by yourself?

cha0sknightmare294d ago

The game is sooooo going to just be a 3DS style game for switch. The same old formula, same old style etc. I hope it isn't but i bet it will be.

As for these starters, i quite like them. The platipus is awesome, but i think they are fakes.

knickstr294d ago

I'd prefer them make a brand new game set with only the original 150 Pokemon. I would buy that day one.

Nebaku293d ago

Complaining about missing first gen is the most ridiculous thing ever. They've done nothing but support gen.1 since it launched. Every Pokemon from it has been in every core game ever, and the backbone of all spin-off titles like "Go".

slate91293d ago

Well if they are going to start new on console, why not start where it all began and build up from there?

CorndogBurglar293d ago

Yep......this is reliable.

4Chan certainly isn't known for trolling people.

xPaYDaYx293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Man if they went and made a gen 1 game for the Switch I feel it would be a HUGE missed opportunity. i for one am sick of gen 1 lol. And don't give me nostalgia spiel, I'm a 27 year old dude that grew up playing red, blue and yellow.

slate91293d ago

You don't think it would be huge if they did gen 1 full 3d remake?

xPaYDaYx293d ago

Of course it would be huge but no matter how they make the game or with what Pokemon it's still going to be massive. I don't think you realize how many people buy Pokemon on their 3DS's and now that the Pokemon line is done with on the 3DS they will all migrate willingly to the switch. I've played every single game up to this point as have millions of others lol.

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ZaWarudo295d ago

Guess i'm rolling fire type yet again.

ClanPsi1293d ago

I did fire type once. Never again.

TekoIie295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

If these are fakes they're good fakes.

Water starter resembles Psyduck too much for me to believe it's real tho.

zivtheawesome295d ago

grass type looks horrible but anyway it's fake, the original creator already confessed.

DJK1NG_Gaming295d ago

This is already confirmed fake.

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The story is too old to be commented.