7 Examples That Show How The Gaming Industry Has Changed

The video game industry has gone through some crazy changes over the last 10-20 years.

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PhoenixUp203d ago

Remember when cheat codes used to be a common thing across games?

Blank203d ago

Oh yeah I do for sure also since you remember that remember all the alternate costumes we can unlock by doing things in the game?

Prince_TFK203d ago

Remember when we used to get a complete game for $60? Neither do I.

blawren4203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

I think one important aspect of gaming that has changed over time. When arcades were big, the games were all arcade type games that were developed to get your quarters. They were shorter games that could be completed in a relatively short time. As they fell out of favor, games became longer and more sophisticated.

It was the goal to finish the game at the arcade on a single quarter, and was hugely satisfying.

SuperSonic91203d ago

Mario is one example that Kidtendo has never grown up.

jambola203d ago

Just like this is one example that you've never grown up?