What the Hell, G4?

This is the SECOND time G4's website has totally LIED about David Jaffe and his positions.

As he said before, he digs some of the stuff on G4 and they've always been good to him to his face.

But guys, this is just bull---t.

Please adjust your story to reflect reality, k?

Check out what this guy John Manalang writes:

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Raoh3236d ago

thats what i like to see.

i wish more developers, producers, publishers, manufacturers etc.. would speak out more publicly when things made up or taken out of context.

CEO of Troll Corp3236d ago

Release a new game for the ps3,otherwise,you're on your own buddy

HairyBrownSack3235d ago

hahahahahaha, u owned yourself.

dumb droid

Shane Kim3236d ago

MS is paying G4 to bring down this genius, creator of GoW games. It just won't happen MS.

VMAN_013236d ago

I have to say G4 is a massive 360 site even that Kevin Pererar or wateva his name, is loyal the 360 to the end.

VMAN_013236d ago

Hahah G4 just got burned nice one Jaffe thats what I like to see!

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