Open World Games Need a Break in 2018

Open world games had an exceptional year, but after such a great year, maybe they deserve a break if only to catch up with the ones missed this year in the coming year.

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DEEBO16d ago

Bring back the 5 hour,60 dollar games that you can finish in two days.

Great idea.

TheOttomatic9116d ago

That sounds like sarcasm (I can't really tell).

UltraNova16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Personally I'm fed up with huge grind-fest open world games. I crave for more 15-20 hr semi-open world (with huge linear sections) SP games.

Enough is enough(I'll make an exception for Spiderman). I'm getting Dishonored 2, Prey, The evil within 2 next. God of War cant come soon enough!

FinalFantasyFanatic15d ago


Defiantly get Evil Within 2, it's a top tier horror survival game and I enjoyed every minute of it.

TheOttomatic9115d ago

@ FinalFantasyFanatic I don’t know why you got downvoted Evil Within 2 is a brilliant game and my personal GOTY for 2017

16d ago
chris23516d ago

maybe get a life so you don‘t have the chance to rush through every game?

HeisenbergX15d ago

DEEBO you obviously haven't played games like UC4,UC The Lost Legacy,TLOU,Persona 5,Ratchet and clank remake,The Last Guardian,RE7..

I agree we need a little brake from open world games.

babadivad15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

10-12 hour Story driven game is fine by me. Too many open world games this year. It's too much. I've bought most, but probably only finished Fallout 4. Haven't touched FF15, Witcher 3, ME Andromeda,[barely touched] Horizon, AC Origins, or Recore yet. I need a break. At this rate, I won't finish any of these games.

This is one of the reasons I like to game on PC. I can cheat my way through a game to finish the story. I know some may frown on this, but I don't have 40-60 hours to sink into every new game.

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TheOttomatic9116d ago

Speaking as someone who doesn't like open world games I fully agree.

JohnnyPremo16d ago

Don't buy them? Why would you want someone to stop making a kind of game people enjoy? I dont like sports games. I dont come on here saying they need to give it a rest.

DillyDilly16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

No Open World games = almost nearly everything else are just shooters & Telltale type games. If anything we need more Open World games I say

DanteVFenris66615d ago

There is much more that releses if you just step away from the mainstream titles

DillyDilly15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

99 % of indie game suck for me. Theres Rocket League & PUBG that I like that comes out very once in a while. But not much else that have come out indie wise that I like. Im mostly an Open World / RPG guy these days & Indie Games are mostly bleh

agent453215d ago

A 3D platformer, survival horror game, a cooking game, etc. Are great games without the need of open world. Besides 99% of open world games are just linear games in open spaces. When Star Citizen, Day Z, The Forest, etc. that is when the real open world games have arrived. No scripted missions, no need for a scripted storyline, no need to complete certain missions to open the world. Those games are organic open world games that the actions of the gamer affect the gameworld....

opinionated16d ago

Nah, if it’s good it’s good. Let me find out you can de-limb somebody in ghost of Tsushima. Blood geyser like them old movies lol. Would be sick! I don’t care if it’s open world or not.

I want a tenchu or battle royale game on an open world engine. I want a linear ninja gaiden like the second game. Blood and giblets flying everywhere in the most ridiculous overkill I have ever seen.


I enjoy smaller open world games like Sleeping Dogs, Persona 5, and Evil Within 2. The big ones usually have a lot of repetitive content.

Gemmol16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Lol those are linear games, not open world.......same as Zelda ocarina of time, lot of open spaces but it was a linear events go in a order for you to be able to beat it......meaning u have to finish point A to do point B and this is a linear game

Nothing wrong with liking linear games tho, it's the only way to make a story good

MayorPauline16d ago

Wish they would make another Sleeping Dogs game. It feels like a forgotten IP at this point.

FinalFantasyFanatic15d ago

Linear games are so good when they do good stories or characters, I often find open worlds don't tend to have tight stories or well-written characters, or they have massive empty spaces and fill it with nothing or just give you the same boring fetch quests.