WWE 2K18: 7 Biggest Disappointments

2K desperately needed WWE 2K18 to be a raging success that carried the series forward. The developers can boast all the gameplay tweaks or customisation options they want (and those are plentiful), but long-time fans want to see something fresh and inventive. For years, WWE video games have coasted on the same game engine without genuine change.

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sotaladi423d ago

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Prince_TFK422d ago

One of the worst wrestling game I have ever played. When you character selection screen is just a list of name that you need to scroll (hundreds of name you might ask) you know that the game suck ass.

AndyG422d ago

Didn't they get bad since Smackdown Know Your Roll?

Sgt_Slaughter422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

There's been a few in between this and Here Comes the Pain that have been fantastic (Wrestlemania XIX, 2006, and 2009 are my personal favorites) but developement year to year is so inconsistent. One year it could be great, the next terrible, and anywhere in-between.

nevin1422d ago

Here Comes The Pain was the last good one period