Pokemon Is Going to Kill the Nintendo 3DS

Will you pour one out for the 3DS or be dancing on its grave?

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DJK1NG_Gaming394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

Not surprising. Nintendo did say they will support it til at least two more years earlier this year. So by the end the 2019 the 3DS is going out. 8 Healthy Years. And the 3DS should either be at 80m or near 80m.
It's already at 67m.

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394d ago Replies(1)
coffeemaster394d ago

Pokemon is what sells Nintendo handhelds and the 3DS has been out for almost 7 years; It's time for the series to go to switch and make the system sell even better.

alexgibson394d ago

The Switch is going to benefit hugely from a mainline Pokemon game, so no big surprises. Time to wave goodbye to the 3DS.

Lynx0207392d ago

I'm not sure if I should buy it. I want to buy a nintendo console (I didn't have one since GBA). I would like to play 3ds Pokemon and Profesor Layton games, but I don't see anything more interesting. I don't like jrpg and I play mostly for the story. I am really on the edge here.

Fist4achin392d ago

Still a lot of great games.

Majin-vegeta392d ago

Go for it man.I only buy the Nintendo handhelds for Pokemon games and i dont feel like its a waste